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Tenured Radical with useful advice she learned at her first job.

I swear I do not have this.

This article makes my head asplode: Obesity — it’s Mom’s Fault! Practically every single sentence makes me want to point out three different things wrong with it.  I thought about doing a longer critique but then I realized it wasn’t worth writing 50 pages about why someone is wrong on the internet.  Historiann discusses it here.  This discussion is more detailed.  #2 does note that there is some suggestive evidence that a specific way of bottle feeding and timed feeding may encourage obesity later on (because they teach babies to ignore their “full” cues and tell them they’re in a scarcity environment so overfill their bellies), but again, this would be the doctor’s fault rather than the mother’s.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

Sorry for the light posting this week; one of us is out of town and the other is savoring the last few days off the internet before I have to do work.

I am also pondering accountability and goals for 2012, but have not yet come to any conclusions.  For now, I am participating in the winter-break writing group over at Dame Eleanor, who makes some thoughtful points during her posts, and has interesting discussion in the comments.  First about time, then strengths and weaknesses, then the ever-fraught decision of big changes or small changes, then a side note about flexibility, then another thing that makes me tear my hair out: transitions.  Go read and feel inspired, if that sort of thing helps you.

If you are bored, go read Gunnerkrigg Court, which I am currently way into.

And now, dear readers, what awesome things on teh intarwebz did we miss this week?  Tell us in the comments.

Fine, fine: a very special link love.

I think Bardiac has read my mind.

The super-haters make a bad name for the regular-haters from Roxie’s World.

Thoughtful money analogies from Mutantsupermodel.

Congratulations to eemusings!

Academic readers!!!  Small Steps for Big Change has been offered the chair position at her school and NEEDS YOUR ADVICE.  I’m inclined to say no, but I’m also not that experienced.  (It’s a university that doesn’t give tenure too, just 5 year contracts.)

Grading. We hates it.  From Proflikesubstance.

We sort of got addicted to I Love Charts.

A neat older article on four year olds in kindergarten.

Frugal Forties with a rant on people who fool themselves with no-spend challenges.  Some folks spend a heck of a lot more than we do in regular months with lame justifications during their no-spend challenges.

This here is why we are feminists. We usually try to stay away from religion and politics on this blog, because that’s not the kind of noise we are making here. But come on.  A group of men and boys allegedly gang-raped an 11-year-old girl, and then passed around photos and videos of it.  As if child-rape and public degradation weren’t bad enough, the media have to be evil about it.  Why is anyone, anywhere, in any context, reporting things like:

how could their young men have been drawn into such an act?

“It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.” [Right. The BOYS have to live with the outcome. Sure.]


They said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground, some said. “Where was her mother? What was her mother thinking?” said Ms. Harrison, one of a handful of neighbors who would speak on the record.
[Hey, we can blame men's behavior on multiple women at once! Score!]

This sickens us.  Frankly, we blame the patriarchy.

Also, don’t forget to Spring Forward this weekend! As if I needed to miss more sleep right now. ARGH!

Please call your elected officials

Please write or call your elected officials, especially House representatives.

Read here about HR 358 which protects life by allowing deaths. Or read all over the internet at news sources of your choice.  Read the full text of the bill and see who sponsored it here.

Then make some noise. Find your officials’ contact information using the internet. If you have time, drop into their offices. Give them a phone call.  Send them a hand-written paper letter using the name under which you are registered to vote.  If all else fails, use email.

Click here to find your reps by state.

Comments are closed on this post. Anything you would like to say, whatever your opinion, please direct it to your legislators instead. Thank you.


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