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#2 is marooned in a sea of boxes in the new home.  So many errands.

A gai shan life steps towards parenthood.

Kinda wanna try this easy pasta recipe.

Should you buy Alibaba?

trigger (rape) warning:  science has a thomas jefferson problem

rage rage rage rage #chroniclesucks #allaboutthemens #victimblaming #patriarchy #anotherrapetriggerwarning

This owl wants to ask you a question.

wait, WHAT?

Science explains the double rainbow I saw earlier this week.

For my friends in the same situation:  The people brought home a strange creature.   (each panel better than the one before!)

This is what a feminist looks like.

xykademiqz nails it again.

I think I would like to be a book butler, assuming the pay was good.

Much love Hufflepuff fanfic


we learn nothing from ferguson

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#2 is in a car.  Driving to PARADISE.  #1 is probably in a car too, but just because it’s the weekend to visit the city, which is sadly not in paradise.

It all comes tumbling down for Mutant Supermodel.


Simple but important advice from babyattachmode


racist aliens?

this is some quality reporting

aw, adorbz

Awesome pizza box.

A manifesto for realists.

Missouri:  Trying to become the most hate-filled and embarrassing state in the union.

Ferguson’s PR team

Wife beating is not a private matter, it is a felony.

Roxanne Gay is a really good writer.

‘Originally titled, “Daddy’s Penis is Very Small,” this rousing and light-hearted look at a white family’s irrational yet crippling fear of blacks and latinos is a wonderful primer for children of all ages.’

Not sure how to feel about this one.  I think in the end though, he didn’t give the gift of divorce, his dad did.

Does gifted education work, and for who?

My undergrad had this policy.

Long workweeks and strange hours.

It’s the American Way.

Coffee quotes.

Black cowboys– prevalent but widely forgotten. Youtube has a bunch of Herb Jeffries who has a beautiful tenor.

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Link love: the moving craziness edition, part 1. Links are a mess because of that and because #2 is swamped at work and has had all sorts of after work hours “fun” work obligations which have been causing her literal heartburn.  (Is it the catering?  stress?  too much sitting at the computer? She doesn’t know but she’d sure like to find out by not having obligations or heartburn!)

Or else possibly This Week in Patriarchy.  Unfortunately that’s like every week.

file under argh-of-the-day:
so much very horrible news

the paws! the tiny pink toes!!!

This is so true

science headlines we’d like to see

bad advisor sure gives good advice
#1 hates riding bicycles but these make good points:
here, it’s a baby … thing:
This has been all over the news, but it’s funny:
 Economics links ahoy!

sometimes the economist is embarrassing .  Also, it’s really weird watching non-economists discuss Time on the Cross because it seems to be taught differently outside of economics.  In Economic History classes the main focus is that slavery was profitable (in one of my classes it was tied with literature on how serfdom was the only way to keep people in Russia from fleeing to Germany, and other forms of slavery and intimidation and horror were used to keep people working when they had better outside options if they could just leave, which they couldn’t).  This profitability argument is in contrast to the “it would have gone away by itself” argument that you sometimes hear crop up.  It wouldn’t have gone away by itself.  Then after slavery was over, they replaced that profitability with prison chain-gangs.  People say that Time on the Cross makes the argument that slaves had it better under slavery, but the focus that I remember was that slavery was awful for all of the reasons that slavery is awful, and instead of getting 40 acres and a mule and government representation as promised and as would have made a big positive difference in the lives of blacks, the South did its best to use terror to create a pseudo-slavery of share-cropping.  Slavery wasn’t “better” because it was a good thing, but share-cropping was almost as bad.  It was a failure of the government to fully reparate and protect the former slaves that lead to bad outcomes post-slavery.  Then it’s tied to Race and Schooling in the South by Bob Margo, which explains the huge economic inequalities caused by segregation.  So Time on the Cross as I learned it (in multiple classes, from different schools, including one from a Fogel student) was really an argument for Affirmative Action.

Link love

Back alley abortions are back.

Historiann comments on race, guns, gender, and parenting.  All in one post.  wow, Arizona, wow

Wait, what? I guess she must have really taken to heart her reeducation after the Santa Claus is White thing

Hope Jaren with a dear colleague letter.

Black protests over the years.  Specifically.

They‘re a lot more fit than the usual open carry demonstrators…

A little bit of money means a lot to many people.

For profit colleges = high school.

I can’t believe that this entire series exists, but it is worth all 26 minutes!

Ask your Comradde is open for questions.  CPP also goes off on “pay it forward” at starbucks.

What to give the puritan valentine in your life.

what when and how ombailamos reads

Bulwer Lytton winners and runners up.

bad adviser is awesome

An update on a child’s elimination diet.

diseases doctors often get wrong

What do people in your state buy the most?

Texting onscreen.

A game where you insert only.

How assets hurt college aid eligibility on FAFSA and CSS

Cross ref is cool.

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Nobody ever talks about white on white crime

Well, gee, crazy white people stirring up trouble.  Whoda thunk.

resisting arrest and running, and yet didn’t get shot… what race do you think they are?”

police cannot stop you from videotaping, and if they do (assuming they don’t shoot you dead illegally because you don’t have that white privilege)…

Kinda sad that Jon Oliver was the first to point out where the police got all that military grade equipment (spoiler: from the military).

I was looking at a video of a baby elephant and then after that I clicked a link and got angrysad again

rewarding racist murderers with money?

this is beautiful and sad

I am a horrible person because I have done this twice to the same pair of guys.  And I am even more horrible because I have admitted that I’ve done this to other people because I can’t get over how awful I am.  And no, I don’t think I’ve been given absolution.  I just feel kind of cruddy.  And I am never ever going to make that mistake again even if I said that the first time I made it.

Historical thoughts about walking while black.

All children should have the same kind of privilege that mine have.

this is a fun (not fun!) one

tell ya what

And that’s just the first guy.

So #2 and I had a lengthy conversation about whether or not it’s a good thing for Huffington Post to spend space showing all the good things the people of Ferguson are doing for each other.   She argues that that’s nice and all but it doesn’t keep the police from being racist assholes.  My argument (and I’m right) is that by showing the humanity of the people, the real people of Ferguson, is much harder to “other” them and to paint them all with one racist brush.  The teachers, the librarians, the people giving rides to people because “it isn’t safe for a young black man to be out walking alone.”  There’s a lot of people in the CNN comments section (before they shut them off) blaming the riots on black people being bad.  Heck, there’s ARTICLES on CNN doing that.  The more we see of the humanity of people, the more we see that they’re individuals, the less people are able to do that.  Stories are important for public opinion and public opinion is important for policy.  Here, Cloud explains why it’s important.  And here’s how you can help.

This is wrong.  Actually, #2 and I had a lengthy conversation about that too and she says that it actually works in place of rice but it isn’t worth the effort.  Except not sushi rice.  I concede that any substitution for potatoes is probably fine (though not as good as the original potatoes) because cheese and deep frying make up for a wealth of deficiencies.  Of course, that sort of loses the point of being healthy.

Athena Scalzi is such a teenager

How to quickly decide whether or not to accept terms of service.

Guessing this won’t catch on like the ice water challenge is, but hey, tacos, beer, and funding choice!

Woo Fark!

Conditional on having the same research, who do you think is more likely to get tenure, men or women?  The answer will probably not surprise you.

this is cool for academic definitions of cool… it’s actually kind of horrible if you think about it

What books would you toss?

Flour sack clothing.

Did we link to this xykademiqz comic?  I think we did, but #2 sent it to me again because she never reads all the links I send her. If we didn’t, we should have.  And all the other ones too.  Everyone, just go to the blog and read them all if you’re not already a regular, which you should be.

I can do all this work that i have to do.  If not…

ha ha I love this

I like the second panel here, it makes me laugh

Just got a text message from DC1’s best friend:  [DC1] can come over tomorrow, but [ze] has to leave an hour early because I did not cooperate when it was time to clean the house.

Link love

This has been a pretty crazy week.  Our hearts go out to a lot of people.

How black people are portrayed in mainstream media

America is not for black people  :(

Jesus indeed

What sort of white person do you want to be?

Ugh– some of the great tweets from the Ferguson debacle have had their owners accounts go silent.  Twitter harassment SUCKS.  Racism SUCKS.  F the patriarchy.

Medieval POC’s math and science week

Robot hugs explains the smile thing

women against feminism parody account

squid lady parts

concern trolling sucks

Marvel vs. DC

Cat and baby

sometimes you just want pretty pictures of books

here, this

Someone passed her thesis defense.


I'm all caught up, said no academic ever.


link love

Outta town again.  What a busy end of summer!

I guess this is what happens to literature majors.  (Skip the first few paragraphs– keep reading)

Male and female word usage.

Cloud discusses the power of constraints

Glad to see we’re not the only people seriously skeeved by world domination summit.

If you feed your cats fancy feast, we’ve been having problems lately with little kitty having diarrhea and throwing up… after a week of eating just hard food she was mostly better, and she’s been mostly avoiding soft food.  Turns out we’re not the only people having this issue, and it may be fancy feast.  Any recommendations for soft food?  She doesn’t like the high fiber Hill’s stuff from the vet.

update on medieval poc

great discussion of risk vs. reward– we’ll be hitting that topic on Monday too

Look at Leah’s cute baby pictures!

Imagine a sexist imbecile.

Imagine a racist imbecile

Good news from Funny about Money.

This made us cry.  In a good way.


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