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The digital monks of unvirtuous abbey.

Social wealth.

Turns out that a good number of male opera critics suck and are horrible people.

Urban poverty in black and white.

Messy breakups with exercise.

My body is not an achievement or a work in progress.

Your math education (probably) sucked.

Speaking of education sucking, turns out the Koch brothers are infiltrating public schools.

The war on expertise.

The Data of Hate.

White men in power should be responsible for fostering diversity because they’re not penalized when they do.

Of course, women are also penalized when they interrupt!  These learn to do X more things are always wrong because it’s completely rational to not do X when you’re a woman!  But sometimes maybe you should do it anyway.

dang, this is some good rant

This Texas Politician is fighting for your right to control your body.

More doesn’t make any sense unless all you care about is not letting women have control of their own bodies:  From TEXAS!  (pregnancy loss triggers)

Join the women of color research network.

fortunately, it appears Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azelea are not actually fighting

Yes, these are things we do give a sh*t about.

For women on the internet, it doesn’t get better.

WTF, Science, are you *trying* to be Nature?

These things are related.

how are they defining scientist?

Why a restaurant’s wait time has increased, maybe.

hahaha we’ve all seen this

lamb loves kitteh  (kitteh not so sure)

This post from planting our pennies was just fun!  And yes, this is exactly why it’s great to have it together financially, as commenter Dee says.

Could any of our personal finance readers with opinions (which is all of you…) pop over to What Now? and give her your thoughts on when to make an expensive repair vs. buy a different car?

link love link love roly poly link love

There is a lemur on your baby.

Be careful not to let amazon’s smile crowd out your real charitable giving.

This post from what now may need trigger warnings if you didn’t enjoy high school English.

Center of Gravitas reminds us that life may or may not begin at 40.

Donna Freedman with a simple price comparison that could save you thousands.

poor people should just go ahead and die, already [editor note:  note sarcasm here-- we certainly do not advocate death for poor people even if the city of Detroit does]

Second chance animal rescue needs help.  (We checked out the link to the shelter page from pet-finder and it brings you to the same donation page in this post, so it seems legit.)


Partner-in-criming a little bit with a friend makes them like you better, but a lot makes you feel dirty.  The bad kind of dirty.  (Also I really like Kelly Haws’ entire line of research– she’s a person to watch.)

But I don’t wanna get up.

Video games and classical music on performance today

My anti-bucket list is about the same as theology and geometry’s.  Tell her what’s yours!

One sentence lessons from literature.

Empowering illustrations.

Fathers’ brains.

Puuurfect reading buddies.

this page is making me laugh


If you need a link to love…

Delagar discusses the reverse Ghandi, though I would like to point out that my uterus has been rapidly losing rights and may end up with the same coverage it had back in the 19th century.

The feminist librarian on gaining weight.

Funny about Money updates us on her likely breast cancer prognosis.  And a more recent update.

this is actually somewhat similar to my process

irb is important

Why teachers are great according to third graders.

best comment

I love the horse’s face in the Mai Bhago picture

Busy day at Schrodinger Industries

thought this post was going to be about what your departing uni gets to keep from your grants, but…

a blob of peanut butter or something… so desirable

What would you do if you accidentally got money from Stephen King?

I think if you wear this one it gets you into a secret society, otherwise I cannot explain it at all

this will end well

pregnancy tshirts

good for St. Louis

#2 may be steadfastly refusing to discuss her moving, but a windy city gal is happy to share her moving thoughts

Link love

racism is terrible

Want more diversity in your romance novels?

“The kitten, at press time, was very cute. ”  Here’s another kitty.

bookcase and reading nook

ack!  ha ha ha look at that poor grad student

My mom was just telling me this

argh people are so dumb!  (probably even me)

here’s a linky link:  why you hate work


I think Elmo actually knows, he’s just pausing for effect.

this is pretty good advice

For those with kids who want ideas about how to teach financial skills to their teens

More places to clickbait your stuffs.

This is one of the sweetest cutest animes ever made (there’s also a manga if you prefer it that way):

Link Love

We’re pretty light on links this week.  I don’t know why.  Ima blame #2.

Turn your research into click bait!  (The sad thing is that some of my research has already been turned into click bait… Not recently though.)

So, I was totally like, that minimum wage answer is a pretty valid one to me… there’s a reason we have 500 papers on the topic and we still don’t know the answer, but David Sibley has explained why that’s a problem.  Point taken, David Sibley!

Commentary on George Will (obviously caution rape topic)

Why aren’t you writing?

Random writing points for Tuesday.

If only.


Kummerspeck also translated as “grief bacon”.

also more squees with clarisse and josh!  I am so glad she’s telling him!

If you love links like we do

#2 recently discovered (#1 knew but didn’t share) medieval POC and is just astounded by how cool and awesome it is.  And… omg, it’s one of those things that just *seems* so obvious when you think about it.  Any city with a port is going to have traders from all over the world in it (and their offspring!).  Any court is going to have ambassadors from all over.  If Science Fiction movies can remember to add in people from different alien races milling about in human settlements, then it makes absolutely no sense that “historical fantasy” can’t figure out a few people of color in court or city scenes.  But of course that’s only the obvious “duh” historical people of color.  There was a lot more migration than just in trade cities and more POC than just ambassadors and traders and servants and slaves, even in Europe.  Turns out black people (and Asians and everyone else!) had been invented, to paraphrase Gus from Psych.  And on top of that, there’s hard and clear evidence that POC are cut out of pictures when presented to the modern world (or rather, the white people are cut out and shown, leaving the POC behind and unseen) and in the most commonly shown literature.  Did you know there was a black-skinned knight of the round table?  Not just one wearing black armor.  But people don’t know!  (Well, except my mom knew, but she has a PhD in stuff like that.  We had an interesting discussion this past week about how the same stuff happens in literature as happens in art.)

Speaking of knights, nobody knows why they battle giant snails so much.

This is just cool.  And this movie looks super cool.

A delicious time-sink: Asian spec-fic authors (with links!).  Yet another way to expand your to-read list…

the US Army is the Most Racist

for teh menz

how to make cheezy noms from hope jaren

Gluten/wheat complications are complicated

The blog that ate manhattan explains why some women opt for mastectomies.  She’s actually summarizing a longer article that she links to, but her summary is better than the original article.

This is a cool comment on a historiann post.  Regular historiann readers might have missed it because it was late to the party.

um, whoops?

something bad is about to happen here

Brain science for writers roundup.

Link love again

So remember how last week #2 had bronchitis?  This week she had pneumonia and grading.  But her grading is done and her fever broke, so hopefully she’ll be providing some ranty goodness again in the near future (including Monday’s money post which totally hasn’t been written yet, *cough*).  Until then, here’s some links.

Oregon and larping.  It is the worst thing.

Famous nude paintings get photoshopped to fit today’s beauty standards.  (Contains Nudity)

Pharyngula explains why race is important as a social construct.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about this GOP bill for a pilot school lunch program that only feeds rural kids.  It is true that the challenges for getting food to kids over the summer are different in urban vs. rural areas.  We ought to be feeding all kids, period.  So, as a policy, and I think there was an excellent NYTimes series on this topic last summer (that I can’t find), yes, we do need to work on the question of feeding rural kids over the summer using different methods than for urban kids.  But we should not be cutting food to urban kids.  I’m really not clear right now what this bill actually is trying to do– the media makes it sound like it’s a big program to help rural white kids while cutting funding to black and Hispanic urban kids, but the description of the bill sounds like it’s a tiny pilot program in the state that has the worst health outcomes for rural kids (WV– also why Jamie Oliver shot a show there) and isn’t touching urban at all.  This article explains a bit more, it looks like it actually is a cut on urban pilot programs.  Though these programs are pretty darn small, far too small for the need.  I am glad though that there is a big outcry starting to happen on these issues because ALL KIDS should get enough to eat.  I hope that this backlash continues to grow and that we end up with another War on Poverty, because by God, we need one in this country.

This is a new one.

Presented without comment.  Also this.

Public Image of a mathematician.

I agree with the person who said it was probably just back and forth to the pub.

Because there haven’t been enough grumpy owl pictures lately.

Partner: who needs pizza when you can have pepperoni puff pastry waffles
Me: That just seems wrong somehow
Partner: Really? Because the more I think about it, the righter it seems.

Confidential to Fussbudget:  We would strongly recommend miser-mom to that meta-filter asker.

Most of these other links that we’ve sent to each other this week seem to be discussing the efficacy and contraindications of various prescription cough syrups, which were plenty interesting to #2, but not so interesting to you all, most likely.

#2 says:

Love the links you’re with

Guess who’s been avoiding grading this week?

Historiann already gives at the office

You need this tshirt.

Who has the largest vocabulary in hip-hop? (note: almost no women in there.  I spot Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, and our favs, Salt-n-Pepa)

Early high quality preschool for low income kids results in better long-term health.

What could women buy if we got paid the same as men?  (DON’T read the comments.)

An insightful explanation of Why colleges mishandle sexual assault (thereby betraying the victim even further)

 this speech makes me cry (in a good way)

We continue to love The Little Professor

We’re really liking Bad Advisor’s current string of posts.  Go learn to paint or some sh*t.

Check out this site all the time: LibraryReads.org

Tabloid headlines without the sexism

“I need help. Because I’m F*CKING reading.”

girl historian’s blog is always full of fun finds

wow this cat really loves his spoon

the f-word trap: “I used to say I wasn’t a feminist, but I was in high school and I grew up.”  (#2 has *always* been a feminist.)

there’s a book called the encyclopedia of sushi

Six dating rules you should stop following

Alfred Hitchcock explains MacGuffins

Neil DeGrasse Tyson continues to be hott hott hott

Retire by 40 states that engineers should plan early retirements.  Agree?

I will not follow the herd.

SUV drivers are dickheads (that’s the scientific term) (our SUV-owning readership being notable exceptions, we’re sure)

Double standards

this page just makes me want to get even MORE books

Links to love, get excited

Esperanza Says tracking your spending can be eye-opening

TressieMC calls the white man’s police

Kid lit’s primary color is white: a report.

Diversity in YA needed a Tumbler.  Yay!

I love Zoolander!  Answering the question, “What happened to your body?”

There are t-shirts.

What if men were treated like women?

Think progress advertises how colleges treat rape reporting to prospective students (trigger).

We’re on Laura Vanderkam’s blog trawl, also smalltalk.

On privilege and luck or why success breeds success.

What’s your dream ben and jerry’s flavor?  (Me, i just want chocolate peppermint crunch back)

meh meh meh people are idiots

Breaking Cat News!

Link love

Confusing math homework?  Don’t blame the common core.

Patterson and Kehoe and the great lead debate.

White male privilege squandered on job at Best Buy.  Though I dunno, there are probably plenty of non-white males who would prefer to work at Best Buy and can’t because they don’t have white male privilege.  (The Onion.)

also argh

OMG I need these things (Is that a birthday hint?)

warning: time-suck

crucial conversations storified

meanwhile I’m also reading this because it is interesting, though it’s missing the fact that women are acting RATIONALLY, and men are as well, because of bias

In case you missed it, Cloud quit her job! Woo!


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