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This is cool.  We have a surgeon friend who often complains that surgery tools are all built for men’s hands.  There’s definitely an incentive for more women-sized medical stuff!

this is a great post on energy and academic work-life balance

Many thanks to the reader who sent us this verra speshul link

In which we violate the Geneva conventions

What are your thoughts on this cover letter?  Down with terrible cover letters!

A macabre twist

US Capitol staffers

Diane Feinstein on the CIA director’s defense of torture

An insurance dance.

The annual Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog!  You won’t want to miss this!


Miser Mom takes down a chair.

Teaching Laura Ingalls Wilder

How not to shoot civilians

Soooo glad I quit teaching

Why women leave tech?  The answer may not surprise you.  Microsoft CEO tells women not to ask for raises.  Male tech leaders vs. feminism.

The entire novel

Best new show 2014

I think I’m going to try this out sometime.  Maybe February.  And maybe only one circuit worth.

Right wing lessons learned

This week in mansplaining:




Let us all love links (ongoing racism, part eleventy)

Here are this week’s links we’re reading.

Tenure she wrote (great title!) on no longer taking bad advice from old white dudes.  This just in:  sexist racist thief selling Nobel prize.

Until they were retweeted by a man.

 Note to myself that I should read and absorb and use this.  (#2 does applied stuff.)

This thing is cool.  I’m totally playing with it!

 5 practical things men can do for gender equality at work (and home!).

 on this: I note that it’s easier for men to skip the shallow work because women will pick up the slack for them

Seriously, f* the police. Also, this detail that’s not being reported like it should be.  Also, did we mention f* the police?  You wanna murder someone in cold blood and get away with it and you’re not picky on who you kill?  Consider a career in law enforcement.  Seriously, f* this!  You can take the DOJ’s word for it in this long report, or just read the summary, or even just the very first paragraph!

GO HOME, RACISM, YOU’RE DRUNK.  Death threats.  More deadly racism in Missouri.

Body cameras aren’t enough.  We are all monsters.  So much racism.  I’m linking this “F the police” moment for the last line of it.

How to deal (or not) with racism at Thanksgiving.  One of my colleagues says this is hir experience too.

Conversation with Chris Rock.

Elly Kellner is decent.  I like the video.

Great headline.

Save money with a morning wedding?

For someone who hates economists, this is pretty good economic analysis.

Facts about aging.

One of the things we’re trying to teach DC1 is that it’s ok to play with hard problems and to not expect a direct solution right away.

do want

A year in books.

mmm wild pig

This is what happens when you order ridiculously cheap clothing from Singapore (giggles).

This week’s Epic Parenting award goes to these people, who’ve been publicized all over the internet this week and are awesome:


What else ya got?

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Well… this has been a week.

Remember when Gen X middle-class white folks thought that implicit bias and structural inequalities (which are terrible) were where we should be putting all of our anti-racism focus because we didn’t know that blacks were still being killed by whites with impunity?  When we knew that getting a cab was more difficult and police were more likely to give tickets (also terrible), but we didn’t realize that just walking outside could mean sudden inexplicable death?  When we thought the Rodney King thing was in the past?   Police brutality shouldn’t have to be video-taped in order to get press.   Children shouldn’t have to die for our eyes to be open.

Also for this Christmas season… Imagine A Christmas Story where Ralphie is black.  An icicle to the eye would be the least of his worries.  That is white privilege.  Never thinking to have made that connection before is white privilege.  The only people in this country for whom the justice system even has a chance of working are middle class white people up against middle class white people.  Poor people and minorities get shafted and rich people get away with far too much.  I’ve lost a lot of faith.

Even though state-sanctioned executions of black boys and teens are not a thing of the past, we should still be fighting against the patriarchy and kyriarchy on all fronts.


Big Hero 6 has gender/racial diversity done right.  (#2 adds: Big Hero 6 is a great movie.  You should see it if you get a chance.  It’s funny, and also it shows how gorgeous San Francisco is!  Also it has a fat cat named Mochi.)

A rape analogy.

What women want, according to designers.

I want to buy whatever they are selling.

Flex your hustle muscles

Coffee is a tiny little mobster.

Flowchart for the opening of any and every Bond movie.

Journal submission recommendations from Larry Katz.


Unlike for most online postings, read the comments on this one!

A castly castle.

The lightsaber jokes begin.

I feel like this

What an editor does

Heroes and villains, Flemish masters style

Working at a research university:  illustrated


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Theology and Geometry had her baby!

how many of these have happened to you?  Definitely more than one here!  Insecure men outraged that smarter man recognizes sexism and apologizes to women.  Someone was stupid on the internet.

My mom says this article makes more sense than any other ACA article to date

Fascinating article on Whole Foods in Detroit.

What do you do if your grandma is a murderer?

Cultural appropriatation in the birthing community.  (Though I will maintain that the zipper pocket makes my super-expensive ring sling worth the extra money!)  Our Babies, Ourselves has a section on baby-wearing around the world and throughout time, and is a great read.

On having said racist things.

Only after a man called Bill Cosby a rapist did anybody listen.

Oh Slate, why ya gotta be so addicting sometimes?  Honest trailer for The Little Mermaid.  It’s not your kids holding you back, it’s your husband.

So the huffington post directed me (via a clickbait headline) to a mommy-blog and I was all, I wonder what the GOMI people have to say about this blog given that huffpo linked me to it, it must say something.  And my first hit was this forum page that has some really good points on it that make me feel less crazy, you know?

The seriously troubling racial history of that Kim Kardashian Champagne Shot.  And that photographer is a serious racist.  Disgusting.

This pretty much sums it up.

Not surprising, but still.

baby groot!

Live kitten cam!

Apparently Barbie can’t do it.

Cool alternative to advent chocolate.

How to explain papers in a non-academic interview.

How could anybody say no to this?

Why stock picking is a losing game.



Link love

Lotta links this week.  We had to make up for last week by reading the entire internet.  Lots of good videos too!

Calling all writers– Cloud is starting a publishing company!

Listen to your body clock.

Metaphors again.

Sartorial advice for landing  a spacecraft on a comet.

Argh of the day.

Framing love?

First day of marriage pics!

The problem with positive thinking.

I want a box of ham.  A tower!  Oh heck, just go and read all of these. Who knew that a comic about breaking cat news could be so long lasting and hilarious.

How to save the post office.

Anne Lamont is the coolest!

Tiny Iron Man.


DC1 is enjoying the program mentioned in the comments.

Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago all score 100. These are my people.

all the kittehs!

Let’s hope this never happens to us

Bad advisor suggests places to donate (instead of to her).

That could be why.

10 ways to help out in Ferguson

Holy blackout batman! surely there are enough mosquitos for all?

From the Littlest professor

Why Millenials aren’t saving.

Generation X is tired.

Medieval doodles

Yes on all of this.

What would Victoria Beckham do?  And what are you proud of?

Lotteries don’t really fund education.

Sometimes the onion is just depressing because it is so true.

The truth about job growth.

Is Airbnb worth it for landlords?

Tampons in ancient Greece?  (spoiler:  probably not)

Ear wiggling kittens drinking milk from bottles.

Gamergate tries kittens, fails.

Coffee is the meaning of life.

Ok, with this last too many cooks thing, you have to keep watching *after* the point it becomes boring and irritating.  Only then does it turn hilarious.  (I turned the sound off for a little while and that helped.)


Link love

We might both be gone right now.  Please don’t rob our houses/apartments.


but why?  (#2 doesn’t get this one)

Museum selfies are awesome

racism in voting

bad advisor continues to give good advice

Let me fix that for you, NYTimes

disappointed in donna ginther

How one couple budgets when no longer broke.

Baby’s first Halloween, is there something I missed?

Picking up a project management mid-stream

useful scripts for teh menz

link love of the dead

Excrement my reviewers say

Of course the rich want to keep the middle class down

Too many people do early 401K withdrawals.

Explaining how IUD is not abortion

A poll tax by another name is still a poll tax.

A little creative problem solving

Mislabeled shrimp fraud

Should these words be in the dictionary?

Smart people saying smart things

Racism in ebola coverage?  (Spoiler:  yes)

vote vote vote vote

fascinating thought experiment

how many lives could you change with your poop?

Some books had feet

visioning integrity


Is Renee Zellweger’s recent appearance criticism gendered?  (Spoiler:  yes)

Which pays better, teaching or twerking?

Is fast food a real job?

Surely erotic fantasies about Neil Gaiman aren’t that common?  (#2 is here to tell you that they are)

aw, kids plus animals!  Donations are adorable.

Being fat for my wedding

Princess Monster Truck is a good name for a cat!

I would totally order a kitten if I could.


Good night, moon cat

We love girl historian’s posts.

A different world (and girl historian continues to have awesome posts)

This idea is brilliant.

We Continue To Love Chris Kluwe

Actually… it’s about ethics in games journalism

This video is genius.  The absolute best version of that meme ever and the best gamergate bust ever


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