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Hai controversies discusses white doctor coats.

Miser mom is a genius.

Healthy tipping point discusses ways to challenge unhealthy narratives.

Negotiating gender roles.

I just found this site which is medium-cool.

Editorial correspondence first paragraphs that kory stamper cannot send.

How much do professors work (at one school).

Don’t agree that spousal spats have to be normal, but the rest of this post is interesting.

Professional library literature.

You saw this, right?

Something about robots and academia.

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Link love! Link love! Getcha link love here…

Hobby Lobby is not slang for vagina: a guide for guys.

Phdestressed discusses the worth of a humanities PhD.

The Atlantic joins in the discussion of what can be done with a humanities PhD, with some statistics.

Academomia is bewildered by a bedtime solution.

Mike the Mad Biologist discusses who gets grants.

Not of general interest discusses wisdom she’s learned from movies.

The blog that ate manhattan discusses a benefit of electronic medical records.

This link is not safe for work (NSFW, srsly!) or kids: Sexuality, kink, and disability.  Let’s broaden the discourse on these things.

This is a really interesting idea: Write A House, which fixes up distressed houses in Detroit and gives them to writers for free so they can live and write in Detroit.  I don’t know if they’ll make it on to my list of causes for donations but it’s a cool approach to several issues at once!


Grumpeteers, what did we miss while we were busy having no sense of humor on April Fools’ Day?


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Very confused dogs

Infertility explained by cats.

True story.


Cheese and responsibility is completely and totally right about the Lizzie Bennet diaries.  I normally hate Pride and Prejudice re-dos, but this one is even better than Clueless (was for Emma).  They do a great job updating it to the 21st century and fleshing out characters and these web shows all have such diverse casts because there are a lot of extremely talented minority actors who don’t get jobs that go to blond white people who aren’t as good on tv (we blame the patriarchy).  The three main characters are still white, but they’re also really great actresses.  (This link is probably why we have so little link love up this week.  Well, that and meetings.) (and spring break)(and work drama)

I went to find more links, but the internet FAILS me!  FAIL!!!  I rode a horse, though?  [Wandering-scientist has more hard-core links today over at her place.]

An oldie but a goodie:  signs made funnier

how to put a toddler to bed in 100 easy steps

these are so beautiful! And occasionally a little creepy.  But mostly lovely.

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We think W dodged a bullet by getting this job reneged when she tried to negotiate.  Getting that kind of a TT job might be worse than not getting it.  We agree with this comment and also this one.  Plus the number of people referring to W’s requests as “demands” is sickening.  That’s what happens when women ask, and it shouldn’t.  And here’s one from another woman in philosophy.

So how are you supposed to negotiate if you’re stuck being female?

God Damn it Texas.  WTF is wrong with you?

Stacking pennies notes that women’s week in finance shouldn’t be all about the babeez.

I like this way of understanding how interest works.  It really illustrates how debt can drag you down and keep you from spending to your potential.

I kinda want to read this book

we can’t use happiness surveys to make across group comparisons, only within group

I think my brain just exploded.   It’s apparently “News of the academic Weird” week on the internets

“The failure mode of clever is asshole” –Scalzi

Donna Freedman asks about your minor celebrity moment.

Some of our readers are interested in self-employment and aging

Am I the only one totally squee-ing about Clarice and Joshua?  #2 doesn’t read it so she has no idea what I’m talking about.  I sure hope it works out.  I think it will.  They’ll figure it out.  That’s what falling in love really is, at least the way I see it (YMMV).

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Are there no workhouses? Ironically, plagiarized…  If he’s going to steal from something with the opposite meaning, he should go back to Dickens.

Stay in school, kids.  From Femme Frugality.

Adjunctorium explains how adjuncting isn’t a job, it’s community service!

Surviving Academia explains the importance of bathroom placement

Author entropy explained.

Why faculty members work so much.

Feral homemaking with your Sunday evening laugh.

In the category of Onion stories that are actually true

Julia explains true horror and snow.

How model view culture was driven out of science.

Ashe Dryden talks about who bears the responsibility of diversity.  (Hint:  the answer should be white men.)

PZ Meyers talks about Marthe Gautier, yet another woman whose work was stolen and credited to a man.

This week is full of mommy wars in the various blogs. I wonder what it is about spring.

This time when I did the dialect quiz it gave me my high school town.

It’s a long way down to the bottom of the LINK LOVE

this site is so interesting

A Brooklyn Boy at the Library

Poor Dr. Notorious.

Tips for the library book sale, from perennial favorite Book Riot: pro tip:  don’t click on their “Book Fetish” series of posts or you will lose your entire afternoon!

seems right to me

so much this

When can you shoot a student?

Somewhat touching.  Also parenting in the eldrich realm

We cannot wait!  Though our waistlines will probably suffer.  In moderation!

I was about to send you that cartoon! That exact one!  Also.

chris kluwe continues to be cool

hahahaha oops

Obvious state.

I should download this video.


Because you always need more emergency kittens

Gorgeous and worth watching all of:

link love – kyriarchy edition

Newsweek tells us how America hates its gifted kids.

Presented without comment:  Low IQ and conservative beliefs linked to prejudice.

An amazing story of a wonderful and kind medical professional.

Fascinating comments on the women we don’t see (authors).  Related: Wanksplaining.

In between’s TA’s teaching evals.

An article in Mother Jones points out 21 things you can’t do while black [and hope to live].

This is bad:  Kansas: Making South Carolina look cultured since 1861.   (I’m not angry because I’m a feminist.  I’m a feminist because I’m angry!)

Update:  Kansas comes to its senses.  next up: racist, homophobic Idaho!

On the killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn.

This is my job:


And finally: holy crap, tumblr keeps on giving:  Why is there a meerkat on that capybara?  The world may never know.

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I am this professor.  And I *hate* the fact that I have to be this professor for so many students.  Math is wonderful and fun and very few people are actually bad at it, especially once they let the fear go.  (And even the few students I’ve had with dyscalculia and the one with a more rare related form of dyslexia, have managed to still pass my math classes with extra time on tests and lots of training in their particular disability from experts.  Folks who fail my class are the ones who don’t do any of the work.)

Historiann discusses the American Dream, by gender, in politics.  Of course, I think the Republicans here are just taking a page out of the Swift Boat handbook.

A thoughtful discussion on reproductive rights from stirrup queens.

Latoya speaking on The Work.

I think many of the points Ana brings up that distract her also distract me.

#1 thinks this map is out of date, but #2 likes it.

Academia explained in Muppets.


Save spend splurge explains her personal experience with gatekeepers in STEM.  Related:  #thatwoman.

“…allowing students to send a fourth score report to colleges for free not only led them to apply to more colleges, but it also … increased the likelihood that students would attend a more selective college.”  Small things matter.

The F-off fairy.

Social media explained.

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Well, there have been a lot of excellent posts this week on the Nature/Henry Gee/misogyny thing.  But I think we’re just going to link to this one.  It says all that needs to be said unless and until Nature takes actual action.  Academic and science readers, please pop over and sign it.

Lessee here… not linking to the post where JD says the best way to get rich is to get a lot more money in a little bit of time… Personally I think the best way to get rich is to be born with money.  Too bad it’s too late for that for most of us.

Sinfest 1 2.

The effects of parenthood on academic productivity among economists.

Wandering scientist should have split this post into 3 parts so we could link to each.  Go read the entire thing, it’s worth it.  Don’t worry, we’re short on links this week so you have extra time.

So cute!

“I love Wuthering Heights so much. That book is all, “Oh, you wanted to romanticize rural life? LET ME TELL YOU A TALE OF PSYCHOPATHIC NECROPHILIACS.” ”  Are you in a Bronte novel?

Where is MLK Blvd?

Lurking link love

Did you miss us, Grumplings?  Be sure to check yesterday’s Ask the Grumpies post if you missed it– a reader needs your advice!

Breastfeeding photos from Victorian times.

Baby attach mode on reproduction.

Why Kluwe was fired.

Men can transform masculinity.

Poetry with mathematics error code haiku.

Little Professor on the transfer of cat ownership.

I didn’t really get why #2 sent me this Penny Arcade.

Miser mom often brings tears to our eyes.  (Also the next post on solar lantern making is tres cool.)

Interesting.  Also interesting.  Super Cute.  Only interesting if you watched Dr. Who.

Tenured Radical reviews Henry Adams.

Teh awesome.

Danilo Campos explains why people are angry at Paul Graham.

Tiny festive cat hats.


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