‘Twas the Link Love before Christmas…

… and all through the blog, links were stirring… something something, eggnog… hmm.

The cuttlefish were snoozing all snug beneath sea…
And Obama took questions from women only.

This link is true and I like it a lot
Please don’t give money in the shiny red pot.

Ayn in her mischief and I in my cap
had just settled our blog for a long winter’s nap
When out on the net there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.

On rapey, on diets, on hypocrite ho!
On saving for retirement, as these people know.
To the top of the world, to the top of the mall,
now dash away, dash away, dash away all.

As grading time that before the wild holiday flies
when they meet with an obstacle mount to the skies
so up to the savings, my dollars they flew
in hopes that this blog post would amuse you.

Sorry…?  You can hear me exclaim, as I dive out of sight:

happy Festivus to all, and to all a good night.

Things to be paranoid about part 2

Did you even know there was a part 1?

One of my friends from graduate school occasionally reminds me that the world is a very scary place.  Because it is.  I recently shared a hotel with her for a wedding and found out the following things.

Bed bugs are everywhere.  When finding a hotel it is important to check bedbugregistry to make sure that the hotel hasn’t had a problem with bedbugs.  Most hotels have.

This one we already knew:  Door handles are carriers for diseases.  Use a paper towel or kleenex that you then throw away anytime you have to touch one.  If you don’t have one, well, do your best with whatever cloth you have available that you’re unlikely to touch.  (After surviving the job market without a single illness using this advice, compared to the way I got sick every time I got on a plane before, I actually am a believer on this one.)

Glasses in hotel rooms… trust me, you don’t even want to know what she said about this.  In fact, I’ve blocked it out of my mind. LALALALALA.  Not thinking about it!

Your dryer can set your house on fire.  You should never leave them unattended.

MRSA … I may have to email her about this one…. Or maybe not because I probably blocked it out for a reason.

airborne mutant viruses on airplanes … I also seem to have mentally blocked this one…

Sitting down a lot.  It’s bad for you!  But we do it.

What things are you paranoid about?

Do you ever have that dream…

If so, tell us all about it in the comments!

The last one I had, I had to go back to highschool with #2 because we were both missing courses for our high school degree.  Mine was PE!

(My partner reports that everybody has that dream.  But probably everybody doesn’t dream about getting their PhD taken away due to a high school mishap!)

Let us all love links (ongoing racism, part eleventy)

Here are this week’s links we’re reading.

Tenure she wrote (great title!) on no longer taking bad advice from old white dudes.  This just in:  sexist racist thief selling Nobel prize.

Until they were retweeted by a man.

 Note to myself that I should read and absorb and use this.  (#2 does applied stuff.)

This thing is cool.  I’m totally playing with it!

 5 practical things men can do for gender equality at work (and home!).

 on this: I note that it’s easier for men to skip the shallow work because women will pick up the slack for them

Seriously, f* the police. Also, this detail that’s not being reported like it should be.  Also, did we mention f* the police?  You wanna murder someone in cold blood and get away with it and you’re not picky on who you kill?  Consider a career in law enforcement.  Seriously, f* this!  You can take the DOJ’s word for it in this long report, or just read the summary, or even just the very first paragraph!

GO HOME, RACISM, YOU’RE DRUNK.  Death threats.  More deadly racism in Missouri.

Body cameras aren’t enough.  We are all monsters.  So much racism.  I’m linking this “F the police” moment for the last line of it.

How to deal (or not) with racism at Thanksgiving.  One of my colleagues says this is hir experience too.

Conversation with Chris Rock.

Elly Kellner is decent.  I like the video.

Great headline.

Save money with a morning wedding?

For someone who hates economists, this is pretty good economic analysis.

Facts about aging.

One of the things we’re trying to teach DC1 is that it’s ok to play with hard problems and to not expect a direct solution right away.

do want

A year in books.

mmm wild pig

This is what happens when you order ridiculously cheap clothing from Singapore (giggles).

This week’s Epic Parenting award goes to these people, who’ve been publicized all over the internet this week and are awesome:


What else ya got?

What do you use to remember passwords?

We’re at the point now with passwords that there’s no way we can remember all of them with all their different requirements and the way some of them have to change every few months and so on.

That leads to possibly bad ideas for how to remember passwords.  For example, writing them down on post-it notes and sticking them all over your monitor.  A step up from that is putting them on a sheet of paper and sticking them in your safe, which is maybe something you should be doing along with your will anyway.  Of course, then you have to go into your locked safe every time you need a password you’ve forgotten.

You could also email them to yourself.  Which is not the best idea for obvious reasons (getting hacked!).  Or you could have the same password for everything, which of course you can’t do because there are different requirements, and if you could would be a bad idea because if someone gets one of your passwords, they get them all.  Or you could have the same basic password with minor changes based on the program you’re logging in with (MintX3$v, HotmailX3$v, etc.)  Again, if someone gets one of your passwords, it’s pretty obvious what the rest are going to be (plus you might run into problems with requirements not allowing your set-up).

Partner 1:  The best setup I’ve found is using key-based authentication.  So I only have to remember the one password, and if someone hacks into Target and gets my public key I don’t care because it’s public anyway.  but only computer geeks use them…

Partner 2:  Is a computer geek.

LASTPASS is the answer.  I never remember any passwords anymore.

What do you do to remember passwords?  What are things other people do?

link love (from Paradise!)

#2 is marooned in a sea of boxes in the new home.  So many errands.

A gai shan life steps towards parenthood.

Kinda wanna try this easy pasta recipe.

Should you buy Alibaba?

trigger (rape) warning:  science has a thomas jefferson problem

rage rage rage rage #chroniclesucks #allaboutthemens #victimblaming #patriarchy #anotherrapetriggerwarning

This owl wants to ask you a question.

wait, WHAT?

Science explains the double rainbow I saw earlier this week.

For my friends in the same situation:  The people brought home a strange creature.   (each panel better than the one before!)

This is what a feminist looks like.

xykademiqz nails it again.

I think I would like to be a book butler, assuming the pay was good.

Much love Hufflepuff fanfic


we learn nothing from ferguson


Makin up a song about email in a chat log

#1:  my brain is exploding with email, I don’t understand
whyyyyyyy so much email

#2:  why are you getting so much email?
who is sending it?

#1:  many peeps

#2:  networking peeps?

#1:  all sorts of peeps. Some is forwarded from [university]. Some is colleagues. Some is friends, some is listserv, some is “your order has shipped”, some is my mom

#2:  “your order has shipped” is always nice.  Does your mom have an unsubscribe button?

#1:  hahaha unsubscribe mom from sending me stuff she thought I might like that is either irrelevant or I thought about it 3 years ago. Sigh.

[begin music]

My password expires in 30 days…. would you please allow us to use your stimuli (sure!), would you like to read these books or attend this sale or be a co-author, the conference information has changed….. eeeeeemail.

The third co-author needs to talk to you, here is your lease, here is the name of a headhunter, our baby is cute….. eeeeeeemail.

(Bridge:  Here’s your receipt; would you mind taking this survey?)

Your review is due, someone’s changing their email address, times for riding….  eeeeeeeeemail.

Sing it with me, y’all!  (#2 also has 200+ emails to go through right now…)



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