Conundrum #1

Seems like book clubs are really popular these days.

They don’t appeal to me though.  I’m happy with not being told what to read.

Book clubs seem like … work
I like books though.  And I like talking about books, and reading books, and suggesting books, and getting book suggestions, and reading about books, and seeing what’s going on on librarything.   But I’m happy I didn’t have to read and discuss Wuthering Heights, or Eat, Pray, Love, or really anything on an Oprah list.
Book clubs seem like work, and you don’t get to pick what you read or when you read it.

6 Responses to “Conundrum #1”

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    […] I had to be in a book club… that’s totally the book I’d pick. Posted in Uncategorized. Tags: […]

  2. Rumpus Says:

    Belonging to a community is generally considered to have a positive effect on happiness, with presumably negative effects of constraints required by the community. So a trade-off. I like the idea of a reading group, but haven’t tried one…I blame the paradox of choice.

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    […] of watching bad tv and reading novels, that’s not going to work so well.  (Recall that book clubs seem like *work* to many […]

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    […] We don’t do date nights.  I don’t do mani-pedis.  I definitely don’t do book clubs.  Nor do I do girl’s nights out, except the occasional once every two years shopping trip.  […]

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    […] that she loves me and misses me.  We both love to read, so she suggested that the two of us have a book club!  We could each read the same book and discuss it once a month.  I said that it would have to […]

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    […] clubs are doing them virtually instead of in person, which is cool.  (I don’t want to do a bookclub, but I think it’s awesome that people who enjoy it are able to keep it […]

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