What should a blog be?

Obviously our goal is to become famous on the internet, you know, so we can wear the shirt(s) without lying.

And hey, passive income is always good, though that’s probably quite some ways away.  Heck, we’re excited about the 8 views we got today.  I seriously doubt GoogleAds counts that as a positive number.

But, despite our procrastinatory tendencies, we are actually pretty busy and maybe just a wee bit unfocused.

Obviously if we actually wanted to be successful, we’d do a personal finance blog or a professor blog or a <insert discipline here> blog, or maybe one about food, or books, or online comics or some single topic.  Yeah.  That sounds like effort.  And as much as I love to read the genre, neither of us is a Christian farmwife homeschooling a zillion children.

Sadly we’re not genuinely famous enough to have a blog just about us and our random thoughts.

But we’re gonna fake it til we make it.

Random thoughts and grumpy rumblings with regular flashes of joy and the occasional conundrum.  It may not be the most efficient path to fame, but it’ll feed our egos and our needs to tell the world what we feel.  OMG… are we turning into undergrads?  But maybe we’ll occasionally have something to say.  At least we amuse each other!

Even if we never make it on to someone else’s blogroll.

Oh!  And another thing.  There’s the question of how controversial to be.  Should we just be ourselves in all our opinionated-yet-understanding-shades-of-gray glory?  Should we intentionally spark controversy to generate comments?  Or be quietly gentle so as not to scare away folks?  And when we get trolls, do we treat them professionally like we would our students, encouraging polite and fair intercourse?  Do we silently remove them?  Do we poke at them to generate discussion?

Even worse… what if we never get another comment?  I cannot contemplate it.  The horror.

2 Responses to “What should a blog be?”

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