The Cat Post

Whoa, it got all serious in here.  It seems like now is the time to post silly things about cats.

I know it sometimes annoys people when bloggers post about cats, but I CAN’T HELP IT.  I’ve been holding back, restraining myself, trying to deny the cat-blogging, but I cannot.  Maybe I can at least collect it all in one place so you can skip it if you want?  Or, ya know, bookmark it and come back to it later.

First: we have cats, we like cats.  My cat consistently tries to eat my W-2s each tax season (good kitty).

Second: look over in the sidebar, there, on the right, and watch those Simon’s Cat videos.  yeah.

Third: linky linky!
This is funny because it’s true: Lap Dance, an exploration of a large man’s devotion to his small cat.

Cat and iPad:

A classic: An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Followed by: Advanced Cat Yodeling

And finally: Bionic kitteh. “Surgical high five, dude!”

Ok, that’s quite enough of that. More later!

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