I, sorceress

Best spam subject lines I have received recently:

Insanity may help you

Manage multiple priorities

I sorceress

I do kind of like those spams that are random jumbles of semi-coherent text with sophisticated words; they almost make sense, in a surreal sort of way, like talking to someone with schizophrenia who has neologisms, word salad, and radically de-trained thoughts, and yet who has some meaning in there if you know how to look.

I’m always tempted to write back to the spammers offering me easy online degrees.  I have a PhD– what can you do for me?  I don’t, though.  In addition to the regular Nigerian 419 scams, I seem to get different types of spam subject lines in my different email accounts.  In my main personal account, I get more of the v1agra/c1al1s spam (note to spammmers: your clever substitution of numbers for letters doesn’t fool my spam filter).  In my work email account, I get lots and lots of offers for knockoff watches.  I wonder how different spammers are crawling different sites or have purchased different lists in order to send me these different spam profiles.

What’s the most interesting spam you’ve received lately?

5 Responses to “I, sorceress”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    oooh… we just got our first spam blog comment… they want us to play free games
    I wonder if that means you shouldn’t use the Sp-word on the internet

  2. Rumpus Says:

    Can I count all the emails from a listserv run by my boss?

  3. Kevin@InvestItWisely Says:

    Those ones are pretty funny. Unfortunately, if only 1 out of 10,000 falls for it, it works for them!

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Ooh, here’s today’s subject line: insoluble heartbeat Minoan

    • Mados Says:

      I could be cool to list all the most melodic spam words (insoluble heartbeat Minoan is pretty good) and compose songs where all the lyrics are collages made from spam comments/emails. It could be a band niche. It can be hard for a band to come up with original lyrics, so why not use junk word recycling;-)

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