MOAR what have I been reading

I recently read Passing for Normal: A Memoir of Compulsion by Amy Wilensky. It was fairly interesting; as I’ve said, I like memoirs. My favorite parts were with Bryant, the friend.

I also read Going Sane by Adam Phillips. It was awful. Don’t read it. Psychoanalysts are crazy! Blurbs say it has “aphoristic vigor,” which seems to be a paraphrasis for “contains no actual evidence and ignores all scientific findings to make his wacky points in a very unconvincing manner”. Library Journal calls it “well-argued”; apparently they don’t read empirical studies over there at LJ. The basic premise of the book is indeed potentially interesting, but this is not the book that will get me to think about it. The author’s always saying things like “Isn’t it funny that when we say this word we always feel this way?” and then going on to argue for pages about why that is so. First of all, I think he’s a total nutjob because I don’t at all feel that way about that word and neither does anyone I know. I wonder who he’s been listening to? Then, in his multi-page arguments to support his false statement, he, again, ignores the, you know, evidence. Pesky thing. I can’t believe this guy has published multiple books and can only conclude that there is a sad lack of knowledge about psychological science in our post-secondary educational system, which causes his publishers to believe his snowjob.

On a brighter note, I read Something Borrowed, by Emily Griffin. It was ok. I did like most of Sex and the City, which this book consciously apes.

However, the book is mostly like that awful season of SATC where Mr. Big is cheating on his supermodel wife with Carrie, and the whole thing is just PAIN PAIN PAIN all around. Then again, it’s also very like a Shakespearean comedy where everyone is running around making out with the wrong people behind everyone else’s backs.

Soon he will Exit, pursued by a bear.

That’s kind of fun in a way, but it also makes me feel old. These people are supposed to be in their 30s– didn’t we outgrow that stuff in high school? The sequel looks terrible.

Finally, The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton: Meditate on self-sabotage, young people. My edition has critical essays in it, but I didn’t read them, because I really don’t care about what the Marxist perspective or the deconstructionism perspective on this book is. That’s why I wasn’t an English major in college: I read for enjoyment, not to suck all the life out of something looking for some elusive theme.

I had a visitor this weekend, and I think I convinced her to join LibraryThing. Mwa hahhahaha!

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2 Responses to “MOAR what have I been reading”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    #2 here: Your description of Going Sane reminds me of when I was on a new age kick… it totally reminds me of a book I read on how we KNOW that aliens are among us.

    Man, Mr. Big cheated on his wife? Didn’t Carrie end up with him? Do you think movie 4 is going to be about him cheating on Carrie? (Disclaimer: I get all my SATC information from CNN and have never actually seen an episode/movie.)

    I thought we learned from Jane Austin that if you are not employed in productive work, you have way plenty of time to act like we did in high school… At least, that’s what my college essay on Emma (Emma in the middle of an Agricultural Revolution) was about. On a related note, the class brought joy where none previously existed to Persuasion, but totally destroyed the already enjoyable Pride and prejudice. Perhaps one is best off taking English classes on Hemingway or other dreadfuls.

    (Why is it that in college hardcore science majors had to take REAL English classes with upper level English majors but English majors got to take Rocks and Jocks for their math/science course? Darned gen eds.)

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    The people in Something Borrowed are supposedly hard-working associates in a law firm, etc., but that part of it’s a little weak. (spoilers.) The narrator is always talking about how much she has to work, but a lot of it is excuses to spend time with Cheaty McCheaterface.

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