Cats vs. Dogs: Part Two: The Cuteness Factor

Cats are WAY cuter than dogs.

I mean seriously.  Kittenwar vs. Puppywar?  No CONTEST.

How about from dailysquee:  kittens or puppies?

LOLCats ar3 the bizbomb… who even reads LOLDogs?

BFS guest blogging at Live Real Now has posted some pics of her pug.  Sure, he’s cute.  But is he as cute as teh kittehs?

11 Responses to “Cats vs. Dogs: Part Two: The Cuteness Factor”

  1. Jason@LiveRealnow Says:

    My pics will be up tomorrow. :) We’ve had one of our cats since it was 3 weeks old. You can’t beat a cat too young to lap milk when it comes to cute.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    It is true, you really can’t. Looking forward to it!

  3. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Says:

    Cute, but I’ll post pics of my pups sleeping and begging late tonight or tomorrow morning…

  4. Take This Nicole and Maggie! :-) «Budgeting In the Fun Stuff Says:

    […] This Nicole and Maggie! :-) August 6, 2010, at 10:05 pm In response to Nicole and Maggie’s Cats vs Dogs: The Cuteness War and the pictures that will be going up tomorrow at Live Real, Now, I say Feast Your Eyes on these […]

  5. Tim Says:

    I agree, cats are better–as long as they don’t piss outside of the litter box. I HATE when cats destroy a house. Dogs are good (when they aren’t mine). The facts that dogs need to be cared for a couple of times daily and are expenisve are huge turn-offs. I would NEVER get a dog for these reasons. I’ll probably never get a cat either, but if I had to choose one of these I would pick a cat.

    Also, both pets are better for outdoor captivity.

  6. Revanche Says:

    Whoa whoa, what a minute you cheaters, where are the dog photos to compare against these kittehs?

  7. Revanche Says:

    Ok, we all know I meant “wait” but I had to come back and correct that. Fie on thee, typo!

  8. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Dog photos you have to go to budgeting the fun stuff. But personally I think that Live Real Now wins with his pictures of a 3 week old kitten.

  9. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    But feel free to post your own doggie photos! Just link back here so people know why you did it. ;)

  10. Saturday Roundup — Live Real, Now Says:

    […] In the Fun Stuff guest-posted here a few days ago.  The post was about her dog.  Nicole asserted that her kittens were cuter than BFS’s pug.    There is some personal risk […]

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