Would you like to win a book?

Sometimes I come across random contests on other people’s blogs where one can enter to win books.

Example: this one at The Daily Monocle for The Hunger Games.

Would it be cool or annoying if I posted these here on a regular basis?  Do our readers want to enter contests?  What if we did a contest here?

Mmmmm, books.

#2 here:  Donna Freedman also does give aways, but I think her blog is popular because she’s awesome, not because she gives stuff away.  :)

2 Responses to “Would you like to win a book?”

  1. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Says:

    Books? I used to know what book looked like, then I started a blog. :-)

  2. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for saying that I’m awesome! And yeah, I give something away every Friday. Just got a book in the mail that I may give away after writing about it. I like giving away books, and not just because they’re cheap to mail. ;-)
    My daughter, who writes the frugality/disability blog I Pick Up Pennies, just got back from the BlogHer conention. She’s sending me a big box o’swag, so I may give away some pretty, uh, interesting things in the next few weeks.
    Also: Watch out for the return of Godiva chocolate. Coming soon.

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