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This week, we briefly step away from personal finance sites.  Next week, we will be more on the look out.  But now for something completely different.  Man I want to get paid again… but don’t worry, we’ll give some love to pf sites before October…

Dr. Crazy and a really thought-provoking look at why women think they are nothing without a man, or at least why all the self-help books are pushing that idea these days.

Cakewrecks had me dying TWICE this week.  Videos on GRS have not been worth it (yet), but they add exponentially to cakewrecks.  I may want to have the other Jen’s love child.  (Not really).  (Maybe if JD/Adam added a soundtrack and funny lyrics…) (If none of what I’m saying makes sense to you, you’ll have to go through both the cakewrecks archives and the get rich slowly archives– links are at the blogroll on the right)

Oh XKCD, why ya always gotta be so very wrong when you’re so right?

How to cull a personal library?  I don’t know!!!  J.C. Montgomery at the Biblio Blogazine has some suggestions.

If you haven’t introduced your kid to mastermind, you should.  Dean Dad brags on his bright daughter… if he’s not careful she could end up with a social science PhD.  Just sayin’, it could happen.

Ok, one set of personal finance hits.  But only because I think newlyweds are romantic.  Congratulations debtkid and Ninja. May you both have lifetimes of happiness ahead with your respective spouses.

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