Things That Are Cool

My man went to GenCon and told me about the woman who’s all the buzz: she had a steampunk wheelchair.  Felicia Day took a photo:

steampunk wheelchair

photo by Felicia Day

Someone on a message board (random googling, sorry) had this to say about this awesome lady:

“The woman with the Steampunk Wheelchair is a friend of mine named Noel Meyer. She’s a very accomplished miniatures painter/artist and was the coordinator for all the miniatures programming at the con (the boss of that department basically).  She went all out with the chair, it had a ton of small details like dials and levers which you could only see if you got right up to it. In addition to the lights, it had an aerosol sprayer for steam to come out the back and she had an assortment of weapons she could attach –  some scratchbuilt, some purchased. Unfortunately she’d run out of the canned steam by the time I saw it, but from what I heard it was very cool.”

Other coolness:
I read the book Peeps, by Scott Westerfeld, and really liked it. It was fun and fresh. After I finished reading it, I wanted a sequel. Unfortunately, I heard that the sequel is kind of lame and doesn’t have the same characters or structure, which is sad.

But this post is about AWESOME! Let’s see. Remember how I said that Octopus is the New Black? Well, I think that maybe Owls Are The New Octopus. Check out this live owl cam! Baby owls can make surprisingly horrible noises, it turns out, but also some cute ones. More musings on owls later, but I’m liking them.

Also to come later: new-book awesomeness.

In further Awesome, I like purple.  In general I like deep, saturated colors like burgundy, purple, deep teal, etc. I also like to look at lovely things and lovely colors.






and a dress or several:

5 Responses to “Things That Are Cool”

  1. Everyday Tips Says:

    I too love that eggplant color, and the shiny purple. I am also a fan of deep reds, but not a fan of pinks.

    Regarding books, I just re-read a book by David Baldacci called ‘Wish You Well’. One of my all time favorites!

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Everyday tips: I like magenta… how about you?

  3. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Says:

    I loved that wheelchair! The shiny purple dress is really pretty too! I don’t like most pastels – escpecially pink, purple, and yellow…icky…

  4. Weekly Favorites and Gratitude! «Budgeting In the Fun Stuff Says:

    […] and Maggie with Things That Are Cool  That is an awesome […]

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