Link Love (last one before classes start!)

This one is also a little light on the personal finance.  I think the pf bloggers are on vacation while the academic bloggers are doing deep soul searching ‘cuz the school year is about to start.  Or at least they’re sitting at their computers procrastinating while doing class prep and finishing up those articles that need to go out ASAP (maybe that’s just us…).

Historiann on mandatory retirement (with the Isley Brothers)

Reading historical novels for work: not as cool as it sounds

Profacero (Z) with a list that speaks to me, and for a lot of academics I think.  (And I want Z to comment more on our blog!)  Let us celebrate our successes and learn from others’ successes and never feel guilty for being awesome.  I think Z’s future is bright and I look forward to the upward climb into freedom.

Step away from the mall has an ethical question about how many free coupons he can use… if the coupon doesn’t say, “limit one coupon per customer…”  I don’t know the answer.

Everyday tips estimates how much it costs per day to drive a car.

A tale of woe from Money Reasons.  Lest we feel too sorry for him, it got better.  We can now go back to jealously prepping classes for next semester.

Shedoncomics + blogs + grammar… triple play with the funny.  Oh snap!

a new Simon’s Cat video…!

Also: Very important cat safety tips Cats being better than dogs.

Better Book Titles (what it says on the tin)

ETA: This morning’s post from the boxcar kids is just heartbreaking. I hope they find a solution that doesn’t require losing the pets or being otherwise separated.

3 Responses to “Link Love (last one before classes start!)”

  1. Money Reasons Says:

    Thanks for the mention, the vacation did get better (whew)…

    Thanks for the great links to check out! I’m live mostly in a pf blog world and mostly check out other pf blogger sites (because of time)… After clicking through a comment on BITFS’s site, I came here and I’ve been both amused and educated! Thanks for that too! :)

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    Thanks for the mention!! Have a great weekend.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    MR– I’m also mostly living in a PF world, even though I’m an academic. The other half of this blog has introduced me to the world of academic bloggers… there’s definitely a different underlying philosophy there. I think there’s a lot to be learned from different perspectives, though. And of course, no matter what is going on there’s always room for funny cat videos.

    ET–Have a great weekend too!

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