Welcome friends from A Mom, Money and More

Sorry I didn’t get this up sooner… Friday is crazy with the work schedule.

Welcome people visiting us from A Mom, Money and More.

Let’s see… posts you might find of interest:

Money and Work

Read your money or your life, seriously

Optimizing everything may not be the best strategy


Guilt in parenting :  We’re generally against it.

Moms who turn their kids permanently blue:  Also against it


Things that are cool


Fantasy vacation

There’s also some good posts on cooking, food, academia, retirement investing, feminism and more!  We’re pretty eclectic.  And often snarky.


2 Responses to “Welcome friends from A Mom, Money and More”

  1. Money Reasons Says:

    Interesting reads! Sad about the lady trying to turn her child into a smurf though…

    I wish I were travelling like Sandy L. for vacation!!!

    I”m still amazed by that mimic octupus video, totally fascinating!!!

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I was really torn about calling child protective services on the blue kid thing. But, other than the whole blue thing, colloidal silver is supposed to be harmless.

    I also wish I were on vacation. First we gotta get rich.

    Octopodes are definitely awesome.

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