La la la la Link Love

I could watch this baby all day long.  (#2 thinks it would be cuter if it were a kitten)

I want to think more later about YA fiction and rape culture. Also about ableism in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.  (#2 finds the former very disturbing and will stick to her strong spunky female heroine YA fiction, thankyouverymuch.)

September 7 is National Buy A Book Day

Hyperbole and a Half tells the stories of our lives.  Well, at least of awkward social encounters.  We do these at work too… including hiding inside with the light off hoping nobody will know we’re really there.

We’re not the only ones who love octopodes!  The blog Cephalove has a whole series on cephalopod consciousness.

You can buy the exact dress that’s on the covers of our favorite series!  It is even modeled by the same seamstress/model.  Hott. (Blameless JUST came out… #2 is waiting for Amazon to ship it!)

Money Reasons has a cagematch between Freegans and minimalists.  I don’t know about you, but I got some funny mental images there…

This one from Frugal Scholar should have been in last week, but obviously we were too fast on the draw with our link love.  It talks about how cost per wear calculations are incorrect if you don’t take into account crowd-out of other clothing items.  A key concept of public finance.  (If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, she explains it in English.)

Squirrelers puts taxes and saving into perspective.

Who doesn’t love Dianna Wynne Jones and Dorothy L. Sayers?  Dame Eleanor Hull has another author to check out.

As a final note, I love it when personal finance blogs and academic blogs collide in good ways.  Congratulations to Dr. Crazy for paying off that credit card debt and reaping its rewards!


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  1. Squirrelers Says:

    Thanks for the link love!

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