Searches that find our blog amuse us

These might look weird if you don’t remember that they’re books:
“little women and werewolves”
“mansfield park and mummies”

A lot of people out there are really into Octopodes:
You’ve got your scientific viewers: bluering octopus, black octopus
Folks interested in the beauty of the octopus: octopus jewelry
Or perhaps beauty of a different kind: octopus from octopussy

We seem to hit a chord for people having mid-career crises:
Our biggest search hit: mid career angst
related: “quit the rat race”
and my favorite so far: people who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up

People wondering if grad school or academia is right for them:
the reason you went to graduate school, life pre-tenure, why did i go back to school
Good luck folks!

A lover of great poetry found us:
love is a word that is constantly heard,

And a researcher of some kind: creative psychoanalyst “adam phillips

Then there’s the just confusing: old schools tore down, catmail.beard

And of course, the ever popular: cats vs dogs (spoiler alert: Cats win!)

Someone found us by searching nicole and maggie grumpy, which is good, because we are.

ETA:  But don’t look for us using “Alaska Bear Breath Mints” … apparently that gets you to Donna Freedman, or budgetsaresexy.   Hyperbole and a half was also amused and horrified by search terms for her blog, but the link may not be safe for work, depending on how good people at work are at reading naughty words and concepts.  We have not cornered the “101 Ways to Abort Your Gay-Married, Al-Qaeda-Loving Baby for $39 or Less!” niche.  Hm, does putting that in there take away some of Hyperbole’s glory from Google?

If you have a blog, what’s your favorite incoming search term(s)?

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7 Responses to “Searches that find our blog amuse us”

  1. Donna Freedman Says:

    Right now my current favorite is:
    how to make rabbit cart paralysed
    I expect that combo got them to this post:
    Long live Googlewhacking!

  2. J$ Says:

    haha…. ya just never know what people are searching for! :)

  3. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Says:

    I liked the fact that I’ve had a few hits from “money for appliances”… I have no idea why I’d pop up, but hey, no complaints. :-)

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    There are an awful lot of people out there looking for cheap abortions for their Gay-Married, Al-Qaeda-Loving Babies. Just sayin’.

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