Accountability: Projects of DOOM.

Do you want to hear about what I’m working on?  Of course you do.  This is just me, not even both of us.  Herein I will give all my projects secret code names in order to avoid outing myself.

Currently writing: two papers on practice with the same coauthor.  The small one is SO CLOSE to being ready to go out but I can’t get coauthor to move any faster on it than coauthor is going to move.  I just want it out.  Boring code-names: PB (practice, big) and PS (practice, small).

Also writing: lab paper with RAs.  Boring code name: Lab Paper (LP).  For various reasons, needs to get out soon, like by Oct. 1 at the latest.  (later I plan to write another paper with these data, but not until I have some more time to think about them and see if I can get different analyses to work.)  LP only needs me to finish the discussion, and then some tweaking.  This needs to get out of the way quickly so I can make room in my writing schedule for:

Stats Paper (SP1) with co-author grad-school pal (GSP).  Together with another paper, SP1 will lead to us working on a grant together, which application is due before Christmas.  GSP will take the lead on that.  We plan to write other papers, too, just not right now — probably with GSP as lead author.  SP1 should go out by Nov. 1, I hope.

Right now I am collecting the final data to finish up Innovative Stats Paper (ISP), which may or may not get a co-author on it, and which is not even close to being done, besides being hard to write, too.  But ultimately useful.

I am also working with co-author Reginald (not her real name) in order to finish up the first of a projected 2 papers covering data we collected a while ago.  Let’s call this paper Too Much Data 1 (TMD1).  We may end up getting a deadline on this one by the end of this month, ack.  Fortunately, Reginald will take the lead on Too Much Data 2.

This semester I am trying to get 2 new studies going: the Good Cop – Bad Cop study (GCBC), and the Ding-A-Ling study (DAL).  GCBP requires cooperation from a very senior colleague who has some resources I need.  His resources are currently not accessible to me right now, though he is perfectly willing to share.  There is no way for me to push him to get them for me right now; his timeline priorities are not mine.  I’ve been thinking of something like this for years, and my RAs helped design it and they are excited, so I hope it gets going soon.

DAL requires some technology and software that have been causing nightmares.  It is a small pilot study but mastering this annoying methodology will eventually enable me to do something really cool in the future.  I have set an RA to figuring out the technology problem.

Then there are various student papers I’m supervising, plus a lingering one from a long time ago that needs a polish-and-submit.

I *think* that’s all.  Now do you see why I need a whole googlesite to keep myself on track?

Maybe in a future post we can hear about #2’s projects.  Unless everyone but us dies of boredom.

#2 says:  Ooh!  I want to read the polish and submit!

#2 also says:  I will post my accountability post later today.  Spoiler alert:  It is very different than #1’s.


4 Responses to “Accountability: Projects of DOOM.”

  1. Money Reasons Says:

    #1, sounds like you are really juggling with a lot of pappers floating in the air!

    I bet you are the type of person that (while a bit frustrated now), thrives on such a chaotic workload! It would most likely cause me to hid in a corner saying over and over “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” :)

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    Yikes, I would cry if I had to write all those papers. Probably because I hate writing papers. I love writing from my head, but writing about stats would drive me insane.

    Good luck, and take a break now and then!

  3. Barb Friedberg Says:

    Always enjoy other proples LONG “to do” lists. Makes me feel better :)

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    We’re always happy to provide a little joy to others through Schadenfreude here at Grumpy Rumblings.

    Thanks for the well-wishes!

    MR– We are both quite good at being lazy and curling up reading novels. Problem is, we’ve got these career things that keep us busy. If we were independently wealthy… we’d probably be a lot more relaxed too.

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