We love the to-do list: A poem

A joy for Friday:

Oh hail mighty to-do list
For without you, I would would be clueless.
Some may argue against you, but you can never be dissed.
Without you my life would be even more of a mess.

Perhaps I have too many…
Should I have lists of to-do lists?
Some people don’t have any
Perhaps for them, procrastination persists?

We do them in google docs.
We do them on paper.
We remind ourselves to put on socks,
Or to look up the Syrian bean caper.

I’m always doing less
Than I wish.  Still, I must confess
My life without the to-do list would be one
In which nothing got to-done.

(#2 would like to say I DID NOT WRITE THIS, BLAME #1) (though it’s a good sentiment.  I loves me some lists.)

2 Responses to “We love the to-do list: A poem”

  1. Everyday Tips Says:

    I love my lists too!!!! Also, I liked the poem. Probably because I can identify with it.

    Have a great weekend.

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