La la la la la Link Love

This link love is brought to you by the letter L.

I love this idea of a dream budget.  Where money will go once all the debt is gone.  It is both motivating and realistic!  And a little thinking before the “what’s next?” stage of personal finance will make transition a bit easier.  Go sustainablelifeblog!

I can’t help it.  I seem to be all about the animals right now.  Witness adorable octopus pictures, and hungover owls.

This link surveying people who make over 100K/year is over a week old, but the comments are fascinating.  Neither of us makes over 100K/year, and neither do our partners.  But, reading the comments, we should have gone into software engineering.  Seriously.

I love buying things that last (and I’m looking forward to finally getting a grill!)  First Gen American discusses durable durables.

Budgeting in the fun stuff makes selling your car on Craigslist sound so easy.

Yet more on whitewashing book covers — this time with a weird freaky cover that is wrong and also whitewashed.  I love the writing in the link there.

Donna Freedman with a clear article on the trade-offs with illegal immigration.

And, on a final note…. Are we the only people who think Ernie is a philistine for not seeing the beauty in every day things?  We praise you, Bert, for recognizing the loveliness in linoleum and pigeons.  You are a true poet.

5 Responses to “La la la la la Link Love”

  1. Funny about Money Says:

    Whitewashing book covers is adult content? LOL! What ARE those people whitewashing? ;-)

  2. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for the la-la-linkage. (And here I thought I was the only one with that song coming and going in my head for, oh, more than three decades.)

  3. budgetingfs Says:

    Thanks for the link love and the laughs!

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