Personal Goals for the semester

Yeah, yeah, I know you’re supposed to have an action plan for these things.  But I’m Boicing it a step at a time.  Action plans will come later.

1.  Survive

2.  Fix all the things that gremlins have gotten to

3.  Make a will

4.  Tinker with all our finances, including switching 403(b) providers and ramping up retirement savings

5.  Make new friends, preferably ones that won’t graduate and leave in a year or two.  Double points if they have children our kid’s age.

6.  Do educational/fun activities in the city at least once a month.

7.  Take advantage of visiting cultural opportunities (I’m thinking going to shows here… this requires babysitting!)

8.  Keep the weight down so I don’t have to buy new clothing.

9.  Get those darned pants hemmed (!)

10.  Make and book holiday plans.

Do you have any fun (or not so), non-financial (or financial…), personal goals for Fall?

6 Responses to “Personal Goals for the semester”

  1. SonyaAnn Says:

    I think that your number one is my number one! But then that is probably at the top of most people’s to do list!

  2. frugalscholar Says:

    We procrastinated about a will too–hard to choose the guardian. But we did it and it was a huge stress-reliever. Interestingly, the lawyer who drew it up was someone we knew from our kids’ preschool. She didn’t have a will then either–same reason.

    As far as cultural events/babysitting. In our area there are a few cultural events where babysitting is provided. For instance, a concert series held at a church had free babysitting. (Concert was secular, btw!)

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    SonyaAnn– Suriving does kind of make everything else possible.

    Frugalscholar– We actually didn’t have much trouble choosing the guardian… it was getting all our assets in order. But by the time we had our assets in order, our chosen guardians were unemployed and living in their in-laws’ basement… and by the time they were employed again our assets had all changed again. But finally everything is in place.

    Yeah, we need to figure out what’s available. We’re in a drive-through town so we get some nice acts mid-week at the university sometimes. They don’t come with baby-sitting but there are some drop off places around that do evenings. Or we can hire a college student, which is probably what will end up happening.

  4. Rumpus Says:

    Gremlins…it seems like the entire house breaks every year…and I ask the repairguy, “is there an industrial version?” To which he replies, “that is the industrial version.” That’s what I need to hire someone for…I need a handyman who can interface with the myriad repairguys. The top level in a pyramid by which I end up indirectly employing the entire state?

  5. bethh Says:

    I desperately need a new bed, but I’m also hoping to land a new job & move. So for now my main financial goal is to get cash in the bank; the use of which will be determined later.

    I’m still getting my emergency fund to a reasonable place – I have saved enough to cover three months rather tight living, and am aiming to get it to more like three months more-comfortable living. (My job is stable & I could get by for a long time on unemployment.)

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I totally understand on the bed. We got a new one recently and it has been a total change. Good luck on the saving and job and move!

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