Saturday link love

I loves me some NYTimes, but sometimes they need to take the blinders off and realize that the entire US doesn’t consist of a few wealthy elites living in Manhattan.  Even NYC doesn’t consist entirely of a few wealthy elites living in Manhattan.

On that note, Historiann with an excellent discussion of the costs of higher education.  It can be a very good deal and (and whiners like Evan should stop whining ;) ).  She doesn’t even mention the cost if you do the first two years in community college and transfer.  Or financial aid for lower income parents.

Dean Dad has a similar rant about the NYTimes complaint that colleges are too selective.  Uh, only a few selective colleges are really selective… that’s kind of by definition.  He notes that community colleges also provide excellent education, but doesn’t even mention the non-selective 4 year schools (which also exist).

Adding to the trio is Everyday Tips noting the schools (and in-state tuitions) that recruiters say they favor.  All but one are big state schools.  (Of course, if you are of moderate income, then a private school may still give more financial aid, especially if your flagship is UIUC!)

Nick at Stepawayfromthemall has a hilarious and deep post on pacing yourself… it’s a fantastic read, and not just because it references one of our posts.

Donna Freedman’s post referencing the same post is poignant and touching.

I have never used anything other than the standard credit card perks, and I will probably never make the effort to see what else I’ve got, but wealth informatics has a good post listing benefits and which are likely for which cards.

Do Want.  “When Louis and Sue Ainsworth found themselves being overwhelmed by Louis’ massive book collection, they took the drastic step of purchasing the home next door to house the books.”  More pictures.

Octolink of the week.

Obligatory quirky link: This baby looks like Yoda.

One more quirky link:
Another take on the Old Spice Guy.

3 Responses to “Saturday link love”

  1. Rumpus Says:

    My mom’s a strong proponent of community colleges, and at my department we are always talking about making good connections with the nearby colleges so student can come to us after two years there. There’s a lot in a name, though.

    As for old spice, who needs it…I chopped up some vanilla beans to make extract and my hands still smell great even after several washings. If only such things would grow here.

  2. Nick Says:

    Thanks for the link love! And, in case anyone is wondering, my bruises are healing and I’m going back next week for more! But this time I will be more prepared :)

  3. Everyday Tips Says:

    Thanks for the link love. Hope your weekend was great.

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