Favorite podcasts

We like these!  Check ’em out:

Wait wait don’t tell me For when you don’t get up in time to turn on the radio on Saturday morning.

The Splendid Table Don’t listen while you’re hungry. This is a big favorite for us driving home after eating someplace delicious.

Performance Today.  Consistently beautiful music is only available by radio and streaming but I am hooked on the Piano Puzzlers.

The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover (I haven’t tried the other Dragon Page podcasts.)

Sword and Laser and Books on the Nightstand are both damaged by a crippling reliance on that site of utter lameness, GoodReads (BotN more than S&L).

I tried Guys Can Read, but I found them ignorant and uninformed.  This isn’t a slam on them: ignorance is fixable.  Still, it wasn’t for me.

I Should Be Writing

Writing Excuses

I am also going through the Metamor City podcast, but slowly, as it is a lot of fiction.  Some of it has been really good and some so-so. I am still near the beginning of the archive.

Any suggestions?  Especially if they are about books!  (or writing)  I tried  Bookbabble recently, but there was too much babble in it, and poor recording quality.  Doh.

Big shout-out to Do Nothing But Read! These people are cool.

What are your favorite podcasts?


14 Responses to “Favorite podcasts”

  1. bethh Says:

    Mine are so stereotypical I hesitate to mention them: This American Life, and Fresh Air. I usually only listen to the radio when I’m cooking on evenings or weekends, so I usually take whatever my local NPR station has on, but every now and then I’ll rummage around for my ipod and listen to a podcast instead.

    If I were adding to my collection, I’d start with the ones you list above, and the ones listed in this blog post: http://orangette.blogspot.com/2010/09/we-tell-stories.html – just the way she described them was intriguing.

  2. Sandy L Says:

    I’m horrible tech unsavvy I’m afraid. My i-pod has the same songs on it that I loaded 4 years ago..and I’m horribly sick of them. I wouldn’t even know where to start with downloading podcasts…and with all the driving I do, you think I would.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I don’t actually have an mp3 player… I just use the computer. My DH has an mp3 player that he uses in the car. I think it hooks into the computer with a usb cord like a harddrive.

  4. Money Reasons Says:

    Wow pretty cool, I might have to download a few and put them on my mp3 player…

    Thanks for the list of great resources!

  5. Michael Kindness Says:

    Hi Nicole and Maggie-

    thanks so much for mentioning Books on the Nightstand in this roundup!

    Can I ask what specifically you don’t like about GoodReads? Feel free to email me at michael AT booksonthenightstand DOT com

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      LibraryThing is our drug of choice. LibraryThing (and no, we don’t work for them) cares about data, and obscure books, and user community. The developers listen to the users and converse with them every day, and take their input. The developers are LIBRARIANS. The site is text-based, rather than looking like a blog or an ad for the iPad. I like the design choices: no stupid avatars! The people on there are my kind of people: that is, the only people in the world who own more books than I do. I feel like LT is more “hard core” and GR is more for the casual reader. LT has lots and lots of features for precise cataloging. The recommendations features are outstanding. The tagging features are all so amazing! And fun and useful!

      LibraryThing has never had any ads of any sort for their members. In fact, advertising on the site is shot down swiftly by any users that find it.

      LT also has the ability to use many non-amazon and international sites for finding bibliographic data for your obscure academic books. The developers care a lot that the site not become corporatized (if that’s a word). The types of reviews that users write may also be more useful for me on LT. LT lets you export your library in easily-transferable ways.

      LT has a strong international community of readers, too. And I’ve heard lots of complaints about GR’s downtimes. LT rarely goes down and when it does, they tell you exactly how long until it’s back up, and what went wrong and why. Even at 3am.

      Does that help?

      p.s. I still listen to BotN though! Thanks for commenting!

      • Ann Kingman Says:

        Hi there (Nicole or Maggie?),

        Thanks for still being a listener. I’m a big fan of what Tim is doing at LT. I won’t bore you with the reasons we have our group at Goodreads, but frankly, I’d love to have a Books on the Nightstand group at Librarything, too — ideally, we’d all come together at some fabulous site, but we’ve discovered that it’s much easier to go to where people already are than to try and get them to add a new place to their routine.

        So if someone wants to start and moderate a BotN group on Librarything, I promise to participate and hang out there. I’m just not sure that I can start and moderate, with everything else we’ve got going on. But we’ve met some great people through LT (some of whom are coming to our April retreat!) and I don’t want to leave anyone out.

        Thanks again for listening and caring enough to even mention that it bothers you.


      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Ann, do you want a lot of moderation on it? Because it’s totally easy to make a group in LT but most of them are completely unmoderated I think.

      • Ann Kingman Says:

        Oh, no, I don’t mean moderation in that way, I mean moderation as in keeping it active, starting conversations, answering questions etc. Sometimes it’s hard to get new groups off the ground; it’s hard work keeping it interesting until there is enough community participation. That’s where all the time comes in, and why so many groups languish.

        Does that make sense?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        That does make sense, thanks for clarifying!

  6. Rumpus Says:

    For boardgames (card games, miniature games, etc), I listen to The D6 Generation http://www.thed6generation.com/ (widely renowned as “not-too-horrible”). I’ve found that as I get older I’m more protective of my “thinking time”, and less likely to listen to music/podcasts.

  7. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I liked the penny-arcade podcasts, but my husband downloaded them and i couldn’t figure out where he got them from.

    The PA guys are really smart and edumicated. Though not something we could listen to in the car while our kid was awake. (“Please don’t repeat the F word in preschool, please don’t repeat the F word in preschool…”)

  8. Why LibraryThing Rules « Grumpy rumblings of the untenured Says:

    […] talked about this before in the comments of this post, where the hosts from a book podcast kindly stopped by to talk with us about preferred book […]

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