RBOC: Various arts

  • What is *UP* these days with all these books about people with autism/Asperger’s?  Is this the hip new trendy thing now?  Why is it cool?  It’s not cool, people.  Just different.  (#2 says:  It’s because Sheldon on Big Bang Theory makes it look cool.)
  • On a different note, this book, Fly on the Wall, looks interesting:

    Cool cover, too.  It’s supposed to be about how a shy young artist with a thing for Spider Man has a Gregor Samsa moment and becomes, literally, a fly on the wall.  #2 hated one of this author’s other books, but oh well.  I read the first few pages of this one, and I liked the writing and the protagonist. (#2 says, ah yes, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks … I liked it at first and then it started sucking.  I can’t remember what I hated about it exactly, but I think it triggered the omg this is so full of stereotypes thing.  Also it spent most of the book being boring instead of full of the wacky hijinks promised on the cover… all the whacky hijinks ensue during a sub-portion of the last 27 pages.  Though according to my gchat history I still thought it was better than How to Buy a Love of Reading which was similar but even worse in the overdone plot points.  The Thirteenth Child which I read around the same time was AWESOME.)

  • In general, I think we are lucky to be living in a YA renaissance of wonderful books.  Of course there are duds,  there always are, but there is so much good stuff out there.
  • Book covers are so gorgeous.  Again, of course some of them suck a lot (see all my ranting about whitewashing, for example).  In the past few years I have been appreciating the talented artists that are all around us, whether they make tattoos or book covers or cartoons or paintings or strange-yet-erudite rap or whatever.  Visual arts and dance are very impressive to me, because I can’t do either, nor could I imagine ever getting those skills no matter how much I practiced.  I saw a couple episodes of that Bravo show, Work of Art, and it blew my mind.  (I never got that into Project Runway.)  It was interesting to see different people’s talents and interpretations of the same assignment.  There was even one with book covers!  I thought the wrong person won that challenge, but I was pleased when the “artist” that got kicked off was the one that didn’t respect booklovers.  Eff that noise!  #2:  Of course there are an awful lot of headless women these days.
  • I’m thinking of taking up a martial art, but the place I went had a pretty sexist vibe.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to like the place more in the future or not.  In general, I am pretty bad at putting up with sexism.  Which is as it should be, but it leads to me being mad at the world a lot of the time.
  • Also, I like to read memoirs.  Secret confession time: I secretly want to write one, about a certain phase of my life and the weird stuff that went on during it, which I haven’t really talked to anybody about and which sounds strange when I say it out loud.  Maybe after tenure.
  • I am not-so-secretly obsessed with the extreme cuteness of my new haircut.
  • I continue to be amused by the way not one single day goes by without someone finding our blog by searching for 101 ways to abort your gay married  al-queda loving baby for $39 or less.

4 Responses to “RBOC: Various arts”

  1. Everyday Tips Says:

    I love memoirs, but it has to be off the wall stuff. I loved ‘Glass Castles’, probably because I could identify with some of it (unfortunately).

    I wish I was obsessed with my haircut!

  2. Molly On Money Says:

    I just finished ‘Glass Castles’ and wanted more of her Mom’s story (I guess that’s her second book). Currently I’m reading the unauthorized biography of ‘Oprah’. Oh, god, I can’t believe I just admitted that! I read it sitting in my bedroom hiding in the corner with the door shut.
    BTW- How did we all find you?
    Oh, and on the hair- I got the Brazilian Blowout this summer (I ‘had’ very curly hair) and now I have NO idea what to do with it! The last time I paid for a haircut was 1996.

  3. Money Reasons Says:

    I never have time for real books… just programming manuals for a techie like me (sniff, sniff) :(

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