Jinkies! Time for Linkies!

Scalzi with another personal finance rant— this one on idiots who complain about taxes but don’t actually understand the marginal tax system.   I think that’s probably a whole lot of folks.  Maybe when I run out of post ideas I’ll add some post primers of basic concepts.  It’ll be like class prep.  (ETA:  Read this post if you or a loved one has written or read a political blog post recently.  Especially if you don’t understand how marginal tax rates work.)

What is an HSA?  I love you CNN Money.  Though on further reading, they’re conflating the HSA with the high deductible insurance it’s usually used in conjunction with, but taking both as a whole, it’s good.

Octopus vs. Owl:  You decide. (Owltopus!)

We were on this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Jo Walton on The Suck Fairy. Such a good term!

Sandy L. with a great discussion on how creativity is a skill you can build up just like any other.

I wonder if I know the guy at Pop Economics… he’s doing a great job of summarizing literature I’ve read and talks I’ve been to.  I’m probably not going to get into this material very often on the blog, so it’s good that he’s there doing a great job explaining the cutting edge.

So, if the Punch Debt in the Face guy comments a lot on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff’s blog but never stops by here to say anything, should I be jealous?  He even said in advance he sucks for not commenting on blogs… I can’t help it though, I forgive him because I’m in love with his stick figures.

8 Responses to “Jinkies! Time for Linkies!”

  1. Sandy L Says:

    Nicole, sometimes blogging is like high school. Cool kids hang around with other cool kids. I don’t think we’re quite to the level of goth freak, but I know I don’t take blogging as seriously as BFS, or as long as everyday tips, so I can understand. Who knows, maybe she’s the blogger who bitch slapped him, but I doubt it. Yup, this feels like high school, gossiping, cliques, etc. Ha.

    Thanks for the mention on the roundup. I’m glad I wrote something that ranked.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Shhhh, I’m just trying to get him to notice us. (I wasn’t being serious– we haven’t really been around long enough to truly get noticed.)

  3. Ninja Says:

    My stick figures are in love with you too :) And I believe this counts as an official stop by and comment on your blog. Never say never!

  4. Everyday Tips Says:

    I don’t know who bitch slapped him, but I actually stopped reading him for awhile because I was sick of his one-way-street thing. (I made that comment on his blog too, pretty much at least.) He then made one comment on my blog, but that is it. I give credit to whoever stood up to him, that is for sure. If he is going to be a member of the Yakezie, then he should follow the rules, at least in my opinion.

  5. Sandy L Says:

    Hey Everyday Tips. Are there “official rules?” for Yakezie?
    I hope I’m doing them all…right now, I’m just kinda winging it.

  6. Money Reasons Says:

    I like commenting, but sometimes it is draining, especially after a long day at work (or Saturyday soccer games).

    That’s why you’ll see me mainly comment at night, the day is packed. Maybe “Punch Debt in the Face” is even busier… I”m assuming he does some type of martial arts. When I was in that for a short stint of time, we could practice almost every day at the dojo. Fun stuff if you are limber and fast.

    Anyway, I like the diversity of bloggers, it gives me a glimpse into their thoughts and pieces of their lives.

    Have a great weekend!

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