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This post from K8grrl has two of our favorite subjects: trying to get work done, and octopi.

This blogger (Jenny’s books) agrees with us about The Magicians and Mrs. Quent. Hooray!  Lazy is exactly right.  (Our rant on this and other books is scheduled for later this week, so a little preview.)

Oh lord.  A terrifying post (from Dame Eleanor) on dismantling the foreign language departments (except Spanish) at Suny-Albany.

Another terrifying post (from wealth informatics).  This one on credit card companies encouraging (and sponsoring pizza parties for) older fraternity brothers to cosign credit cards for their younger frat brothers who can’t get credit cards otherwise.  That’s one of those college mistakes that’s gonna haunt a lot of Greeks in the future.

Bianca the car (from Simply Bonkers) is cute.  Do you name your car?

A powerful and depressing post (from First Gen American).  (BFS found it uplifting instead of depressing)

Riffing off (well similar to) Scalzi and apparently a lot of the rest of the internets, Donna Freedman joins in the shut up about being poor if you make over 100K chorus.

Toxic friends:   May this post (from invest it wisely) never apply to you.

Man, I must be feeling ranty this week… not a whole lot of happiness and joy in these posts.

Oh yeah, how could I forget this cheerful post from Dr. Crazy?  Though it makes me want to bang on de drums all day.

And EEEEEeeeee!  Hot off the presses, Money Reason debuts his first comic!  Who needs Punch Debt in the Face?  (ok ok, there’s room in my life for multiple PF comics)

We were in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

11 Responses to “Linkitty link link link”

  1. Sandy L @ First Gen Says:

    I loved the toxic friends post too. I didn’t put it in my round up because I was ragging on a relative in it and I don’t want it to make it’s way back to her.

    Interesting how you guys had opposite reactions to my estate battle post. Cool.

  2. Invest It Wisely Says:

    Wouldn’t wish the toxic friends on anyone else. ;)
    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Money Reasons Says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    I’m sure if Ninja checks out the quality of my artwork in my first comic strip, he’s going to be very intimidated!

    The blogger at “Eliminate the Muda” helped convince me to start the series (about 4 or so months ago)… So I’m off to a very, very slow start :)

  4. Molly On Money Says:

    I thought First Gen was about a depressing situation but I love how her Mom just kept moving forward and didn’t get herself stuck on things she had no control over…..depressing but uplifting in the end.

  5. Meg Says:

    Thank you for linking up to my blog! :-) No wonder I’ve seen a bit of an increase in viewers. From 3 a day to 30! :-)

  6. SonyaAnn Says:

    Thanks for the links! You have planned out my day.LOL

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