Loving us some links

Oh man, (some) Duke undergrads are DUMB!  This week’s salacious tidbit comes from Squirrelers.  I have a feeling that said undergrad will probably land on her feet.  But HAHAHAHA.

GRS often has posts that we like but figure you all have read.  This week we’re pointing out that this post on salary negotiation mentions a great book that everyone should read.

Did you just collect midterms?  Here are the five stages you are probably going through right now.

We were included in this week’s carnival of personal finance. Ohhhh Canadaaaa….

I don’t think I’d do this, but it’s a very clever idea for linking your kids’ allowances to dividends.   I think we’ll follow the stock market separately from allowance money.

Our new total obsession: I Love Charts

Did money affect your marriage decision?

Anyone get this last panel and think it’s hilarious besides me?

6 Responses to “Loving us some links”

  1. dr. b Says:

    Thanks for the link! Much appreciated. The new traffic has been exciting and overwhelming all at once.

  2. Money Reasons Says:


    First, let me say that Grover is my favorite seasame street monster (sorry elmo, although cookie moster is a close 2nd).

    I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but if you are reading this comment and didn’t click on the Grover link, go back and do so!!! I’m pretty sure you get a kick out of it!

    Thanks for the mention and the laughs! :)

  3. Squirrelers Says:

    Thanks for including my post! I like Grover, though I too can identify with Bert:)

  4. MR Cache 2010, Oct 17 – Water Spot Edition | Money Reasons Says:

    […] Rumblings:  Loving us some links – I usually don’t link to an article about links, but in this case, the Grover video is a […]

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