RBOC part more

  • My preschooler:  “I. Am. A. Ro.  Bot. Bun. Ny.  Hop.  Hop.”
  • Said preschooler is going to be a pirate for Halloween.  Arrrrr.
  • When you refinance, remember that a few months later you’ll get a note in the mail asking for your missing escrow payment from that month.  Don’t forget to budget for it (or you can just roll it into higher payments the rest of the year which is probably economically more optimal since they’re not charging you interest on it, but can mess you up if you’re OCD).
  • Even more gremlins:  The dishwasher is making funny noises.  I am currently not investigating it.  The garage door refused to close without assistance (it probably needs grease).  UPDATE:  Dishwasher has died, DH took it apart, the motor is deader than a coffin nail.  Est cost:  $160 (if DH can fix it himself).
  • My kid just leveled up.  It’s neat how the development isn’t steady and continuous but there’s big jumps in what (s)he can do.  Right now we’ve got longer sentence structure with multiple clauses, among other things.  It’s always neat when the vocab levels up.
  • Irony is form email thanking me for my comment on a blog saying that I do not like form email thank-yous for comments on blogs.
  • I love pesto.


    ... with a spoon!

  • I recently re-read Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst and it was so totally delightful! I love re-reading these books. I think each one is more wonderful than the last, but especially this one.
  • I can’t wait until my preschooler is reading real chapter books.  ((S)He did read half of a Stink book when my mom last visited a few months back, but lost interest, so I think we’re not quite there yet.)  I wanted a tower room just like Anastasia, though as an adult I realize they will be isolated and drafty.  UPDATE:  The Magic Tree House books are AWESOME.
  • As we get more established, we’re getting much more complimentary spam.  No more penis enlargement, it’s all about the “I have to send this post to my mom. ”  “This is the best post ever.”  Though in broken English and with links to blogs that are obviously spammy.  We here at grumpy rumblings do our best to protect you from those false links.
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5 Responses to “RBOC part more”

  1. Tara Says:

    My favourite recent spam comment asked me if (s)he could grab my RSS feed, as if I had to give permission for that! Sometimes, I keep spam comments around for longer just so I can continue to laugh at their awesomeness.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Ah spam. The ones that have almost gotten me so far are the carnival of personal finance fake ping backs. They are too sneaky by half.

  3. Clio Bluestocking Says:

    If Ro.Bot.Bun.Ny.Hop.Hop is going to be a pirate for Halloween, would said preschooler mind if I went as Ro.Bot.Bun.Ny.Hop.Hop? Because that sounds cool!

  4. eemusings Says:

    Ahhhh, Anastasia! So many memories….

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