The pet peeves post

1.  Using “less” when you should be using “fewer”.  Fewer is countable!  Less is continuous!

2.  Hypocrisy in other people (mine is ok)

3.  People who want everyone else to be as stupid as they are.

4.  People who think they know about a topic but have a fundamental misunderstanding they refuse or are unable to acknowledge, and they complain about something they shouldn’t be complaining about anyway.

5.  People who get to live with their life partner and then whine when zie has to go away on a business trip for A WHOLE WEEK.  “Oh, I’ll be so loooonnnnnelyyyyyyyyy.”  I want to punch them in the throat.  (Exception:  people who are complaining that they will be left as sole caretaker to an army of ankle- and knee-biters.  For them, sympathy.)

6.  Related to 5: people who think they have new ideas to solve my 2-body problem.  “Can he telecommute?”  Yeah, dorkus, that wasn’t the FIRST THING we thought of or anything.  THREE YEARS AGO.  “Why doesn’t he start his own business?  He could do that from anywhere!”  Go away and die.  “If he needs health insurance, why don’t you just get married?  Then he can get on yours.”  Stop thinking you know me.  See also: Go away and die.  (Disclaimer:  We here at Grumpy rumblings do not actually wish death upon anyone,mostly.  Any deaths resulting from suggesting 2-body problem solutions are completely unrelated to this posting.)

7.  Dirty kitchens and people who don’t clean up their kitchen or bathroom messes.  (#2 says, I know why this peeves #1, but it doesn’t bother me as much) (#1 says… bet you don’t have a unisex bathroom at work… ewwwwwwwwww)

8.  People who renege on their promises without good reason.

9.  Related to 8:  People who overpromise with no chance of following through.  Also related:  People who don’t keep their appointments or don’t show up on time.

10.  Radio silence.  We’d much rather be fought with than ignored.

What are your pet peeves?

33 Responses to “The pet peeves post”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    1. Lateness
    2. Entitlement
    3. Laziness
    4. Selfishness

    With all these things, I generally hate when someone expects something of you that they don’t feel required to do themselves. Eg.., they get mad when you don’t do anything for their birthday, but they don’t even bother to call or send your kid a card for theirs.

    Related to this is when people are “too busy” for (insert task). I’m pretty sure you should be saying “too lazy” instead of too busy.

  2. Tara Says:

    I totally agree with you on #1. If I can add to it: number vs. amount – amount is measurable (e.g. weighable) and number is countable. You have a number of people but an amount of laundry detergent.

    Related to #6: I would say that whenever anyone tries to suggest a solution to singleness or long distance relationships and you’re not really close friends with them is unwanted.

    Related to #7: My beef with unisex bathrooms is that men’s washrooms are normally messier than women’s washrooms and when you combine them, then you end up with a washroom that is messier than a women’s one.

    I also totally agree on #8 and #9.

  3. Suba @ Wealth Informatics Says:

    Entitlement and self-pity. Oh and your #6

    I have a few friends who think I had it easy and they are the victims (of what I don’t know). They “ask” for advice on resume and stuff, then come up with some (lame) excuse for why they can’t do it (like it would take time… gasp!). I have been getting better at this, to just ignore these complaints that one should get everything without any effort. If someone is successful it must be because they got a hand out, there is not possibility that they worked hard for it. On the other hand if “they” succeed at something, it took work that no one else could have done, it was that hard. So I have to hear complaints on how hard it was to succeed and how other people have it easy. May be I totally confused you :)

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    How did we forget to mention entitlement? That peeves us totally!

  5. Molly On Money Says:

    Jesus by-jesus! Just before I clicked on to this post I was going off to my family about #4.
    It drives me CRAZY when people speak of the evils of public schools (and how much greater private schools are) when they have not experienced them!!!!
    Today I had to listen to a Grandmother go off on how her bright grandson in his private school got to do this amazing solar system project that he would have NEVER been able to do in public school. HA! HA! My daughter did the VERY same project in public school!
    I’m not saying that public schools don’t have their problems but from personal experience, private school have their problems too AND you have to pay for them (while paying taxes for public). And finally, if you’re going to have an opinion about public school you must have RECENT experience with them. 20yrs ago does not count!!!!
    I feel much lighter now…….

  6. Money Reasons Says:

    My most frequent frustration with people:
    1.) I dislike those that see faults in others but refuse to see that same faults in themselves (a few guys at work does this all the time).
    2.) Closed-minded individuals that continue to promote their idea even when it’s incorrect and has been proven to be so.
    3.) Extremist, left of right, ultra liberal to ultra conservative.
    4.) That people just don’t give me a few million dollars! What are they thinking… holding out on me!!! :)

  7. frugalscholar Says:

    less/fewer too
    peak interest instead of pique interest
    viola instead of voila
    one in the same instead of one and the same
    phase for faze
    ring for wring
    for all intensive purposes blah blah blah

    it’s/its–now being confused by journalists!

    My linguist friend says all these are in process of changing. He thinks its/it’s distinction will be gone soon.

    My dissertation director had a fit if I split infinitives; I care not if my students do this. Things change….

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’ve noticed that linguists are like anthropologists in their acceptance of abnormality (it isn’t abnormal, it’s just our cultural perception that makes it abnormal).

      We were looking at private schools for our kid, and were instantly turned off by one in which the director of the school, while explaining the high standards of the school and the lower GPAs compared to other schools, used you’re instead of your. Awful.

      My program director dug up a dictionary in which the word, “data” was listed as being correct as either singular or plural. Argh. (Data ARE. Datum IS.)

    • Everyday Tips Says:

      Can I add wierd to the list of misspellings? My eyes cross whenever I see that.

  8. Everyday Tips Says:

    1. People judging my decisions when they have no understanding of my situation.
    2. People that can’t wait for you to stop talking so they can tell you their story. Of course, their story will top yours every time.
    3. People who are late and never apologize. (I guess I am just supposed to be glad they showed up at all?)
    4. People who read headlines and deem themselves an authority.

  9. watsoninc Says:

    My pet peeve = mean people

  10. Squirrelers Says:

    Oh, what a delicious topic. I could have a field day – or evening, technically – based on my challenging week.

    Anyway, here are a few:

    1. Selfishness – ok, we are all selfish to some degree whether or not we like it or recognize it. Some people take it to extreme heights.

    2. Dishonesty – that’s actualy ahead of selfishness as a pet peeve. I cannot stand dishonesty. Burn me once, and I can have the capacity to forgive. But not forget. I try not to get burned twice. Trust is paramount.

    3. Here’s a less weighty one: horrendous grammar. I mean things such as they’re instead of their. If someone is not a native English speaker, this pet peeve does not apply at all. Rather, I’m supportive. For those of us born in the good ole USA, their – err, they’re – err, I mean there is no excuse.

    Mini-rant over:) Thanks for the opportunity.

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  13. Alex Says:

    I’ll second #4. It drives me NUTS when people argue or preach about a topic they don’t understand. I asked one girl if she knew any of the positions of a political candidate she was advocating. She gave me the blank stare, so asked her why she wanted to vote for him. She looked at me like I was the idiot here and said, “you just don’t understand.”

  14. Meg Says:

    Oh my goodness, you read my mind! I wrote a pet peeves post this past week but posted it on Friday. :-) Too funny! I am finally catching up over the past week on all the blogs I read.

  15. Revanche Says:

    People. People peeve me. They’re awful in so many ways, as they’re wont to be. Thankfully, there are a good crowd of you good uns for me to pay attention to so I can ignore the other aggravating ones. Oh and terrible spelling gets my goat.

    [And my general dislike of most (again, focused on the horrible) people makes comments like “You have a welcoming personality” from people I actually like all the more hilarious.]

  16. Donna Freedman Says:

    1. Infer/imply
    2. Signs that say, “We apologize for any inconvience.” I’ve seen this in at least half a dozen stores this year. Is it contagious?
    3. Meanness, i.e., people who are harsh and hard and judgmental about everything. Extra dislike points for those who are, as you noted, doing this about subjects with which they have no prior experience or real understanding.
    4. The misuse of Internet anonymity. It allows people to be incredibly vicious/cruel/racist/sexist/whateverist without having to engage in any kind of dialogue or to be held accountable for their words.
    (Note that I said “misuse,” not “use.” Internet anonymity allows people like you two to share what’s going on in the groves of academe without having some cranky higher-up decide s/he doesn’t like your point of view and decide to make your lives a living heck.)
    5. People who insist that there’s no such thing as racism or sexism any more. A 20-something man I know has said, with utter sincerity, that this sort of thing has been fixed. Well, to YOU it seems that way because you are, um, a white male. You don’t see it so it doesn’t exist? Got it.
    6. People who say that the poor aren’t working hard enough. Maybe some of them aren’t. But seriously: How can we know what every member of a particular group is or is not?
    7. People who forward the most hellaciously untrue e-mails without trying to determine their veracity. A close relative of mine does this. Each time I check Snopes and send the URL with the suggestion that he please do this himself rather than add more hatefulness to the Internet. But he keeps doing it. Grrrr.
    8. You’re and your
    9. People who use “LOL” in ordinary correspondence.
    10. Lists that are way too long. Like this one.

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  20. Mel Says:

    I echo many many many of these. Though errors in grammar or mechanics rarely annoy me. People not following through — absolutely.

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