Gimmie sum link love

RIP, Paul the Octopus (Thanks Everyday Tips for relaying the sad news)

I want a cookie.

This week the academic blogosphere has been abuzz with our annoyance at salary freezes and how they disincentivize effort, especially in service and teaching if there’s no reward.  (They have incentivized me to work my rear off and get the cv in shape, but if I weren’t up for tenure, the lack of merit raises would definitely stop my interest in student evals and mind-numbing committees cold.)  That buzz has led to even more buzz in which humanities professors complain about their salaries and adjuncts complain about their job prospects.  Unionization is tossed around as an idea.  Experienced heads disagree with unions as a solution.  I still maintain that there’s nothing special about academia– if you don’t like it as much as your outside options, then get another job.  But maybe I’m wrong.  Are academics special?  Or is it just a job?

Also, I may want a unicorn.  Not sure if the HOA would allow it.

Also:  this video is a wake-up call if you’re considering graduate school in the humanities.  (All our academic readers have “already seen it at least twice and have seen it linked 57 times” according to one blogger.  Here’s link 58.)

Do want. (Someone’s science fiction/fantasy library.)

And in terms of redecorating… are you more like this, this, or this?  We’re more of a molly on money (only we probably would have kept the wood paneling), but in our wildest dreams we would hire squadratomagico to redo everything for us (it’s so not us, but deep down we kind of wish we could be like that, even though even deeper we’re probably ok with our beige personalities).   If we went with the punch debt in the face version it would become completely undone in about a day.  Just as soon as the guests left.  I can’t handle that much organization.

Do credit cards make you fat?  Not me!  When I have cash it goes straight to the vending machine.

A nice chart illustrating the differences between Health HSA and FSA.  A confusing topic!

Children of scientists discuss Halloween costumes.

We were in this week’s Carnival of personal Finance at Cash Money Life.

8 Responses to “Gimmie sum link love”

  1. watsoninc Says:

    Money is definitely not my primary motivator with respect to my career. That said, I do feel academia massively disincentivizes effort in the most self-righteous way. I literally watched nearly every one of my friends start graduate school with the intention of becoming a teacher only to change their mind afterwards. Salary was frequently cited as a rationale for not pursuing a career in academia.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Think how much time could be saved if folks did a little research before starting the program! I suppose graduate school isn’t useless though, there’s a lot of critical thinking skills taught.

  2. Molly On Money Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! FYI- the wood paneling was faux wood paneling! Only in a double-wide can you find that.

  3. squadratomagico Says:

    Perhaps you could add a little pop of color into your beige? You needn’t make the whole room one vivid color, as I did … but for the love of God, don’t make your environment 100% beige. Color = happiness.

    I like some of Molly’s ideas a lot. We often push our furniture to the side for projects too (I mention this in the post), even though it’s not on wheels. If I had kids, I think I’d like to have a room like that, one that encourages them to think flexibly and creatively. Seems like a cool family.

    The other link to the all-white house is a little too far in the other direction for me. It looks like a “don’t touch” kind of space.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, we’re a bit afraid of messing up with color and don’t even know where to start (even if we had time– a couple years ago we paid someone to paint a paste-board dresser that had had the wood grain ripped off with some unfortunately placed duct tape so we could stick it in our son’s room).

      Our house is beige because that’s the color it came in… if it had come in wood paneling or purple walls, that’s what we would have. (I did see a place with gingham walls… I like to think we would have painted over that, but knowing me, probably not… that’s why there’s still green checks in the kitchen.) Occasionally DH will get on an origami kick but the majority of our decorations are books and things our preschooler has made. Also my clutter. Nothing like unread research articles and ungraded exams to dress up a place.

      We’ve solved the need to push furniture aside by never having gotten around to buying enough furniture to fill the house. My mother in law shudders every time they visit. I think the next time she comes I’ll send her and DH to Anna’s Linens to pick out new window treatments, since that’s the part she delicately mentions most. My sister is also very anti-vertical blinds, so there’s probably something unfashionable about them.

      I definitely prefer a welcoming look– I think that’s why I like yours and molly’s so much.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        #2 here. Vertical blinds are gross. They reek of rental housing. I hate them. They’re ugly. When I own my own place they’ll be the first thing in the trash!

  4. squadratomagico Says:

    Word on the verticals.

  5. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Personally I`m all over the squadratomagico decorating. I used to have a black and gold bedroom and a chinese red living room. WifeNinja`s decorating is beautiful – but not my lifestyle. My current style is more like Molly`s and I like the look too.

    My only issue is that I`m decorating to sell and that means not going with what I really love – the bold colors. It kind of takes all the fun out of it. :-(

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