Link Love

Not made of money has  30 days of homemade Christmas presents.  Too soon?

Cake wrecks with Sunday sweet Steampunk cakes

Another hilarious student video (caution: contains expletives):

It’s funny because it is so true.

Grace and some financial information behind her five adopted daughters.

From Historiann, this look back at what the past thought future fashions would be was cool.  They really hit the 1980s pretty darn well, IMO.  A second Historiann link, IBTP.

Everyday Tips and her dream retirement.  I SO want to live in Northern California.  Every year we get a bit closer to dropping this academic thing…

My husband recently declared that he is jealous of Molly on Money’s husband.

A nice little balanced PF musing by A Windy City Gal.

Jacqueline shares a horror story about her ex.  What a mess.  :|

Money Reasons is totally famous on the internet now!  Random bloggers are writing (inaccurate) posts about him!  Kudos to you, MR.

Donna Freedman (quotes us) and reminds us all that it is our darn money and we can spend it on whatever we want to.

DH recommends Google’s new Google refine for data munging.

We had the reader story last Sunday on Get Rich Slowly.

We were in last week’s Carnival of Personal Finance by PTMoney.

8 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Money Reasons Says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    Yeah, you know that I”m famous, other bloggers are making up stories about my site and CNBC keeps stealing my stuff… (lol)

  2. Molly On Money Says:

    1. It’s never too early to start on your homemade gifts for the holidays!
    2. I love the Steampunk cakes (my Dad’s home office is ‘steampunked out- it’s very funny)
    3. Your husband made my husbands whole week!

  3. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    The last line of the Xtranormal should have been “before I pop a [expletive] cap in your [expletive] ass, mother[expletive]!”

  4. Rumpus Says:

    Yum, cake. Cakewrecks’ Sunday Sweets is always amazing. The things that people can do with cake are very impressive.

  5. Roshawn @ Watson Inc Says:

    Interesting links. I just checked out Families, Finances, Favoritism and Fairness by Single Mom, Rich Mom. The financial dysfunction that exists in families never ceases to amaze me.

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    OMG that movie is hysterical! And it’s definitely not too early to start making gifts. In lots of cases, it’s too late!

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