Bathroom reading: We’re pro-

#2  I can’t live without reading

#1  There’s a reason DH and I both spend a lot of time in the bathroom these days

#2  Well yes.  I got through the whole first third of The Baroque Cycle in the bathroom while I was writing my diss.

#1  Good stuff, bathroom reading.  It’s the kind you can’t feel guilty about no matter what the circumstances… Unless there’s someone else waiting for the toilet

#2  Right.  That was the only way I’d let myself read during the hard-core writing phase.  My wrists were seriously busted up and I had to take some breaks now and then….

#1  Of course.  It isn’t safe to type forever.  Not to mention the computer can cause constipation.  True fact.*

#2  Well my problem was my wrists.

#1  Hm,  I think DH’s problem might be the former.

#2  I don’t want to hear about it.

*Disclaimer:  I made this up

What are your thoughts on bathroom reading?  Essential, or just icky?  (Included:  do you have kids?)

11 Responses to “Bathroom reading: We’re pro-”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I never have. My bathroom visits always have been quick. I actually don’t understand when people are in there more than 2 minutes (including hand washing). I was once on vacation with someone, she stopped in the bathroom and I literally went in looking for her after 20 minutes because I thought something happened to her. I don’t get that, especially in a public bathroom.

    My 5 year old has taken to locking himself in there for a while though to get some privacy from his little brother. Perhaps I should put some children’s books in there but I doubt I will. The books are in the bedroom and the TV and toys are in the living room. There is no other mashing of entertainment with living spaces.

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    Sorry, but I vote icky. I am in and out as fast as possible. I have never understood the bathroom reading phenomenon. Why not just be comfortable and read on the couch?

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Sometimes, as noted above, it’s the only place you can get privacy. Some people’s biological processes take longer than others. Some of us introverts just need 5 minutes alone from time to time or else we will kill everyone with a festive holiday cheese fork.

    Or something.

  4. Edward - If You Can Read, You Can Cook Says:

    I’m in the con group. I went through the “bathroom for privacy” phase but I grew out of it around the age of 14. Frankly, I find the thought of bringing something as absorbent as a book into a place like a bathroom to be pretty disgusting.
    I had a roommate in college who HAD to have something to read when he went to the bathroom. In one instance, he couldn’t find anything so he brought a dictionary in with him!

  5. bogart Says:

    Not opposed, but I’ve only just introduced my preschooler to the idea that I might lock him out of the bathroom while I’m in there (oh the horror!) so I try to be in-and-out as fast as possible (within reason … actually I enjoy the ~3 minutes when no one’s grabbing my hands or my knees, but I don’t dally.).

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    It depends on what I’m reading. If I just can’t put something down, I don’t– no matter where I go. But no, I don’t need bathroom reading or anything like that. Is it just me or is this generally more common among men than women?

  7. Grace Says:

    Sigh. Must we old ladies explain everything to you sweet young things? There are RULES for bathroom reading. Novels are out. One could easily keep reading a novel with possibly dire consequences. Bathroom books are those that can be opened anywhere and read in short spurts. The Tightwad Gazette is a great bathroom book. Any volume of the Darwin Awards is good. Almanacs work fine. Cookbooks will do from time to time.

  8. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Here’s a story about a woman who spent 2 years in the bathroom:

    He won the lottery later. Oh my.

    I don’t read in the bathroom – just write. :-)

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