Words we love

These words need your help.

We opened our hearts and adopted philargyrist.  It describes us.  It is what we are.  We are not ashamed to be philargyrists.  We proclaim it proudly.  We are philargyrists.  And so, we think, are most of you.  Especially our PF readers.

We love words.

We love the words that everyone loves, like defenestrate, callipygous (#2 Is that the one about having a beautiful butt?  ‘Cuz whatever that word is, my sister loves it.  Even though she isn’t and doesn’t.  #1  I don’t know about beautiful, but definitely shapely.  Having shapely buttocks.  #2  It’s ironic because she has no butt at all.  It’s just flatness. I can’t tell what she sits on.  #1  My sister and I are quite callipygous.), gazebo, schadenfreude, pace (in sense 2, that is, with all due respect and noting the argument of*), and many more.

We love the more rare ones that should be used more often, like philargyrist, murklins, succisive, to name just a few.

What words do you love?

*we learned this excellent word by graduate school, even if CPP did not.

12 Responses to “Words we love”

  1. eemusings Says:

    Visually, entrepreneur is one of my favourires.

    I just signed up to A Word a Day at wordsmith.org…I feel like my vocab has been languishing so hopefully a daily boost will counteract that.

  2. Molly On Money Says:

    Malaprop! (substituting a word that sounds similar but is not the correct usage)
    My ex-boyfriend use to call me ‘Malaprop Molly’. He would make fun of me and try to get me to stop using malaprops.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    mmm delicious words
    entrepreneur is a delightful slew of vowels
    malaprop is palpable the way it rolls around your mouth as you say it.

  4. bardiac Says:

    zeugma. It’s short and so fun to say.

  5. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    Hey! While you humanities dorkos were learning stupid greeke crappe like “pace”, I was learning important shitte in ENGLISH!!

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