Links for Maggie to Post on Saturday

Oh Donna, it sucked being a mom back in the day with all the IBTP guilt.  But at least you could kick your kid out of the house to go play on hir own.  We’re not allowed to do that anymore.  I suppose there’s still plenty of society-induced mother guilt to go around, what with the BPA and McDonald’s and all the other poisons.  Good thing I come from a long line of pragmatists.

A productivity recommendation and new vocabulary word, a good word to have in one’s vocabulary (and in one’s life).   Those families, getting in the way of everything.

Umberto Eco says, “We like lists because we don’t want to die” and that “Google is a tragedy” for young students.  Check it out.

Some great female bloggers talk about how life would be different if they’d been granted a Y chromosomes.  Here’s Single Mom Rich Mom’s.

Eeeee!  Bill Amend from Foxtrot did a guest XKCD strip (the poor XKCD guy is dealing with a family illness.  :(  )

First Gen American talks about her Thanksgiving food traditions and how sometimes the tradition maker tries to mix things up.  Also I want some gooseberry pie.

CPP with an impassioned discussion about whether or not we should encourage girls to go into science by making them sex objects.


2 Responses to “Links for Maggie to Post on Saturday”

  1. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Thanks for the link. You remind me though that I’m a terrible linker. :-(

    Thanks for the rest of your links – very educational AND entertaining reads! But you made me go all SQUIRREL… I really liked that SMT blog.

  2. Donna Freedman Says:

    I appreciate the link. These days, incidentally, I really enjoy the holidays. That’s because I do them on my terms: frugally and joyously.

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