A totally shallow post about consumerism and pettiness

Well, I did warn you in the title.

Readers, my mother is visiting.  For 10 days.  I love my mother a lot (the one with the silly IM conversations).  Within 6 hours of her arrival I was annoyed at her.  My own fault, really.

It’s cold and it’s winter and that makes me crave fancy beds that would, psychologically, help keep me warm.  Like, an old-fashioned bed 4-poster with heavy curtains to keep in the heat.  Or this, I WANT THIS BED:

Cognac (color), with footboard. Cozy!

(of course, we’ll need some hefty donations to make this work… oh well.  Any beneficent blog reader donors out there?)

I don’t even need the $14000 version!  In fact, I think I like the $3k version better.

I would also like these beautiful flower hair thingies. (ETA: the Etsy listing went poof. Perhaps someone bought them. How about this instead?)

My mother makes me want to whine in ways that I realize are irrational.  Fortunately for sanity, she goes to bed very early.  Also, she thinks that sitting around reading books is a great vacation.  Hooray!  A trip to the used book store is planned.

Must.  Breathe.  And drown sorrows in food!  Happy season of overconsumption, all.

10 Responses to “A totally shallow post about consumerism and pettiness”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Restoration Hardware is the coolest store. I can see how you like it with your steampunk tendencies.

    I personally am a sucker for bedding. I love my down comforter and I always seem to want to buy new sheets and duvets.

    I checked my credit card balance this month and it was already almost $3K. Ouch. I guess I’m done Christmas shopping. The problem with this time of year is that I hate shopping, but right now I’m forced to, so I usually take a little extra time to buy the things I’ve been avoiding for the last 12 months for myself as well.

    If I had to get that bed, I couldn’t do the footboard. I like to dangle my feet off the end of the bed when sleeping.

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    I love my bed! I was just talking to one of my kids last night about how important it is to watch your spending. I said that if you don’t waste money on frivolous stuff, you will have money to afford to buy quality things that you uses everyday, like a bed (and mattress). It was my ‘spend your money on things that really count’ lecture.

    Your mom’s visit sounds ideal- as ideal as any lengthy visit can be. She likes to go to bed early and read? Perfect!

  3. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    That bed is like an armchair with a long seat. I think my cat would love it, being able to huddle up in that little corner…

    Whenever it gets super cold here (which it did last week), I look up traveling to exotic places or down south. Didn’t book anything, but it was soooo tempting.

  4. Molly On Money Says:

    My bed is a work of art an my main indulgence!
    I’ve actually thought of doing a post on it but I thought it might come across as kind of weird.
    Right now I’m making a winter cover (I have summer and winter bedding, linens and curtains!) for our bed. It’s going to be beautiful and if my husband doesn’t like it he can go sleep elsewhere……or maybe just keep his mouth shut.

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