Link Love of December 4

Yes it is — the first one in December!

We are dying again this week with the end of the school year approaching.  We know there are a lot of great posts out there this week that we’re totally missing.  Sorry!

From Undine: Dither and Blather

Thank you, Sheldon, we have been saying this for decades.  Our previous take: “Mommy… what does say doe mass oh kiss tick mean?”

Always Negotiate! My sister keeps thanking her lucky stars that the first company she accepted rescinded their offer after she took the entire time period to consider it… and she learned not to say no to company 2 until you’ve got everything completely in writing.  Thank goodness company 2 is not only a phenomenal place to work but also was big enough that they were able to find her a second position when she had to call back and ask to be reconsidered.

Dr. Crazy reflects on Writing. I am a sucker for thinking about the procedure of writing!

I, Reader: An essay on books, e-books, reading, and what it all means.

John Scalzi has invited authors to give Your Holiday Book Suggestion List.  Go check it out; it has already caused me to add to my wishlist…

Invest It Wisely discusses real food, which is the only kind I’ll eat.  (Though I’m pro-whole grain for me, even though I understand that it may not work well for other folks.)

Single mom rich mom had a couple of great posts this week.  We will link to the one that mentions us:  Enough.

As always, check out today’s hilarious Money Reasons comic.

We did not make it into this week’s carnival of personal finance.  Boo.

10 Responses to “Link Love of December 4”

  1. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Thanks for the linky! I like Dr. Crazy’s article – and the one on “My bathroom is filthy”. Especially since I write in the bathroom. With my cat sometimes. Maybe that’s why I feel inferior w.r.t. writing, he gives me that cat look of “u r a loser”.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Tell your cat that he’s the one who’s a loser, since he’s not writing at all!

      • Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

        How do you know I’m not channeling him? Cripes, I only WISH I could sleep 16 hours a day in warm places and just have to let out an irritating meow and some servant would jump to do my bidding just to shut me up. :-)
        Hey, I think I’m going to be the GRS Reader Story this week. I just hope it doesn’t mean more spam, I can’t deal with any more vi*g*a and pr*p**cia junk.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:


        For us we got a ginormous number of hits the first day, then 2/3 ginormous the next and 2/3 of that the next and so on. The amount of spam did not appreciate, though this week we’ve gotten a lot more for some reason.

      • Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

        Hoo boy, I don’t want too much traffic, it would make me feel like I *have* to write something good, and that would paralyze me.
        Once those v**gr* people get onto your site, they don’t stop. My m.o. is just to send everything to spam by default and then resurrect what’s good. Hate doing that, but it beats going through 99 comments of crap. Fortunately WP seems to have a limit of 99.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        heh, well, they disappear mostly (but not completely) after a few days, leaving just a slightly higher readership. :)

  2. Molly On Money Says:

    Dr. S’s post is great. Just this past week I had to listen to a co-worker go off about manifestation and how he gets what he wants through positive thinking. Not that I don’t believe in positive thinking but I believe it’s one piece of the pie and not the whole sha-bang!

  3. Kevin@InvestItWisely Says:

    Thanks for including me in your reading! :)

    I’m not totally sure about grains tbh… I dont’ exclude them entirely but I don’t eat as many as you’d find in your standard food pyramid, either.

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