• It irritates me when a blogger notes something about an individual woman (usually a wife) and then asks, “why are women like that”?  Invariably I check to see if my uterus is still there because invariably I am not like that.   It bugs me because it suggests that I am somehow not a good representation of my gender.  I’m too masculine.  I have to let my rational mind take over to remember that’s BS.  IBTP.
  • We’ve decided on a private school for our DC.  First (s)he has to pass testing (with scantrons even… I hope (s)he doesn’t get tripped up by that).  Then we have to actually get in, since this is their most popular classroom because the teacher is so wonderful.  Hopefully both will be achieved by January.  This is going to be pretty expensive.  I really hope I get a decent raise with tenure.  We can afford it, but our hypersaving is going to diminish.  There’s just so much a person can DO with money (you know, instead of paying down the mortgage early).
  • Is it worth joining a church (for a religion to which you have been confirmed, but you’re too lazy to get up on Sundays and you hope God understands) to get a $720 discount?  (Some of which would be given back to said church as a donation, but at least it would be tax deductible at that point…)
  • How guilty should one feel if one has not yet baptized one’s preschooler?  (And one is not Baptist.)
  • One nice thing about living in a smallish town in this part of the country is that the repair folks you have that come out to deal with gremlins are perfectly happy to explain what they’re doing and why and recommend things that you can do yourself.  They seem to take a lot of pride in their work and are happy to share their expertise.  It’s a nice change from a big east coast city.
  • Some persimmons taste good.  I don’t like the ones that have too much tannin, but the sweet ones are yummy.
  • Georgette Heyer is wicked funny.
  • Personal triumph:  After >10 years of marriage with and half a lifetime (my lifetime and DH’s, more like a quarter of hers) of me dating her son, my MIL has allowed me to help out in the kitchen during the holidays.
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8 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Ah yes, my brothers would always make blanket statements about women – when I would protest that I wasn’t like that – they’d then say to me “but you’re not like other women”. :-)
    Is that bad? Or good? Neither I guess, just that they don’t know women very well.

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    So, how does one check to see if their uterus is still there? :)

    The good thing about private school is if you try it and hate it, you can always go to public school. Can’t answer on the religious thing as that is highly personal. I did not get baptized until I was 29. (With my son and daughter.) Obviously my parents never felt any guilt!

  3. frugalscholar Says:

    Re private school decision. I live in an area where most middle class people send their kids to private school. I figured out how much enrichment the private school tuition could buy. Answer: a lot.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Public school isn’t an option for us next year without a fight. They’re not willing to discuss early entrance. One of the private schools is. We met with the kindergarten teacher and she is WONDERFUL. Think of the best K-5 teacher you had growing up with the stations and the love and the energy and all the well-behaved active kids happily achieving. Since we’re skipping a year we’d be having to pay daycare next year anyway. The cost of tuition is the same (less if I joined the church), but it only covers 9 months and after school is extra, so it’ll still be more than we were paying. For summer we’ll just send hir back to Montessori the remaining 3 months until (s)he’s too old. They do have early entrance testing and we have to pass that hurdle and give a downpayment early enough that we’re not shunted to the waiting list for next year (the top class size is only 16).

      The problem with out of school enrichment is that it takes not just money, but also time outside of school. Either we drive back and forth or we we pay someone to do it, and that cuts into quality family time. (Also this is a small town– the enrichment opportunities are limited… they don’t even offer year-round swimming lessons.) A bigger worry is what happens during those school hours when the child isn’t being sufficiently challenged… our Montessori director had to pull her kid out to homeschool because he became disruptive. DH worries the same would happen with ours, though I think (s)he’d be more likely to get depressed. But who knows.

      The latest thing in preschool is that DC’s Montessori class teacher is having hir teach the other kids (some of whom are older) how to use stations so that they’re certified in the stations and can self-play. (This is not something she has other kids do. Though that would be pretty cool.) We love the school, but (s)he is rapidly outgrowing it. It’s very cute seeing DC be a little teacher (“This one or this one? What do you think?”) but I can see that leading to trouble in the future. I’d rather (s)he be learning more academic subject matter than age inappropriate socialization skills.

  4. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    Of all the decisions my parents made during my entire childhood, the single most influential was that they sent me to a prep school that was highly focused on teaching us how to write. From 9th through 12th grades, we were required to write a 1000-word argumentative essay every motherfucken week. That massive amount of disciplined practice at writing continues to give me a massive leg up on my competition throughout my entire professional life.

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