Let’s do charity

Misanthrope that I am, I still have various worthy causes that get a check (or more) from me now and then, and not only over the holidays.

While attempting to steer away from politically or religiously cantankerous discussion here on the blog, here are a few relatively mainstream, yet awesome, suggestions:

Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss has a very fancy set of fundraisers for Heifer International at Worldbuilders 2010.  HI is a very well-regarded and helpful charity, so check it out.

One of my personal favorites is Child’s Play, which the creators of Penny Arcade started in order to prove that gamers aren’t all evil monsters.  They buy toys and games for children’s hospitals all over the world.  Won’t someone think of the children?? On a personal note, it’s fun to be a part of an organization that keeps breaking its own fundraising records.

First Book provides books to kids.  What’s not to love about that?

#2:  A great reminder for me to give to my favorite kitty shelter.  I do my alma mater in the summer, though I am totally going to stop if they keep calling me at different times of the year (as I told them the last time they called).  I also buy books whenever I hit the local big bookstore (which is a lot when my mom visits) for the local books for kids program.  When the food bags are close to checkout I grab one of those too, though I completely forget if they’re hidden.  We hit both local radio stations last pledge drive, and I gave separately to performance today because it often gets me through the first two hours of work.

Much of our holiday giving is not so tax deductible.  We give $20 Target gift certificates to *all* of DC’s preschool teachers.  As (s)he gets older that gets more expensive.  We also give the preschool itself a $50 certificate to half price books.  Various less-well-off family members also get checks.  And there’s 529s for their kids.

Update:  Just gave $50 to DonorsChoose.org to support a math program in a high poverty area in the big city nearest ours.

Update #2:  Jackie from Money Crush writes:   Comsumerism Commentary and I are matching donations made within a certain time period. See http://www.moneycrush.com/if-youre-donating-were-donating/ if you want details.  [ed note:  they are donating their matches to Doctors Without Borders and Nothing but Nets]

If you’d like to participate, all you have to do is:

  1. Give to the non-profit, 501(c)3 charity of your choice between Thursday, November 25 and Friday, December 11, 2010.
  2. Email your receipt to charity (at) consumerismcommentary.com by Monday, December 13, 2010. (Of course, it’s fine to remove your identifying information.)

14 Responses to “Let’s do charity”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I just learned yesterday that my son’s school is going to do a coat drive because so many of our students don’t have winter coats. I live in New England..It’s freakin cold up here. Yesterday was bitter. Talk about hierarchy of needs.

    I’m glad I always had a coat and nutritious food. Yup, it’s a time for giving all right. I even put it on my post today.

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    I like to donate to local charities. I love to contribute to ‘stuff a bus’ and ‘coats for kids’ campaigns because the donation will actually go to the kids and not some administrator.

    My other preferred charity is St. Jude’s. Those commercials just get to me.

  3. Linda Says:

    I give to Heifer International every year, too. I keep telling my family that rather than give me a gift of any kind I would love it they gave a donation in my name to HI or Habitat for Humanity, but they never do. :-(

    Other (non-politically charged) organizations I give to every year include my graduate school alma mater, (the undergrad university treated me like such a freaking commodity while I was there I refuse to give them any money), Doctors without Borders and the local animal welfare organization (the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago).

    Dare I mention my more politically charged charity, to whom I give my largest gift every year? Planned Parenthood. Some folks may not like all the services they offer, but I think education on sexual health and birth control are awesome and essential to women’s empowerment.

  4. Jackie Says:

    Maybe you know about this already, but Comsumerism Commentary and I are matching donations made within a certain time period. See http://www.moneycrush.com/if-youre-donating-were-donating/ if you want details.

  5. Amanda Says:

    We love giving to Kiva. You get to “invest” your money in a micro-loan of your choosing from anywhere in the world. Then, as the borrower pays it back, you can re-lend your money (or withdraw it if you choose). I love this model of giving! (My husband worked in micro-finance in Africa, so I may be a bit biased:))

  6. retirebyforty Says:

    I love cats too. We have 3 cats and they were all rescued from people moving out of states. There is an exotic cat rescue near our city. really cool. Thanks for dropping by my site!


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