On the links

Another week in which we’re drowning in grading.  (More tomorrow on that…)

A fun site:  Dear Blank, Please Blank.

A favorite quote from a comment in a blog:  “unless you’re somehow gay and so far in the closet you’re in Narnia.”  Update:  Urgh… the rest of the discussion in there has gotten kind of ugly… especially since they’re saying nasty (untrue!) things about my partner’s family.

What was your best Christmas Present Ever?  Graceful Retirement offers lists from her life and friends.

Related:  Mutant Super Model suggests you don’t buy nothing this season, but that you get into the spirit of Christmas by buying gifts.

My teaching has had no impact.

Worst Prof Ever with a very thought provoking piece on how the man is keeping us down through guilt and making us seem needed.  This nicely juxtaposes with an upcoming post of ours on women not being paid what they’re worth.  It’s nice feeling needed but we want to be paid more because of that, not less!  (My mom got caught in this trap too, until she forewent cancer treatment because the dept needed her to finish the semester, and still taught while she was recovering because they needed someone to teach… and then got no raise because of her low evals that semester.  When you hear you’re needed, use that as a bargaining chip to leverage for more money and time, not less.)

Suba @ wealth informatics explains what the tax deal means to us.  I love the lack of politics and the wealth of information.

Check out this chart from drug monkey on top marginal tax rates.

Hey y’all with the wordpress blogs, please check your spam filters– I think I’m in there!  Either that or a bunch of different bloggers have blocked me.  (Like historiann, eemusings, worstprofever…)  Or I’m seriously going crazy and just imagining typing out witty responses.  (Of course, there’s also a rant or two in there when a blogger hit a pet peeve…)

use this to add spice to lectures next semester
but not this

Oh, man I totally forgot to link… we were featured on molly on money this week!  And we were in the carnival of personal finance too.  Let me dig up those links…

11 Responses to “On the links”

  1. Everyday Tips Says:

    I hate when I have been a long-time commenter and I still end up ‘in moderation’. Don’t they know what a nice person I am?

  2. Money Reasons Says:

    I hate getting caught in the spam filters, especially when I’m legit! I usually have to send an email to the blogger site that I’m caught in to beg (or at least ask nicely) to be released…

  3. Kellen Says:

    Ahh… thanks for the link to the “no impact” comic!
    The professor I worked for had a student last semester who came to his office hours several times every week to go over the material again, and she still failed. Makes you feel like a bad teacher, hey?

  4. Molly On Money Says:

    I’m fed up with the WordPress spam filter! Often YOU get put in my spam box!
    I’m going to have my brother-in-law start hosting my site in about a month- I’ll let you know how it goes.

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I don’t think a single comment I’ve made on someone else’s blog this morning has shown up, except on GRS. I’m looking at *you* Donna Freedman. Also accountant by day and who knows who else.

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Thanks for linking to me. I feel special :)

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