What did you get for Christmas?

My overly generous in-laws got me a kindle.  I’m a bit overwhelmed!  There’s all sorts of wonderful free books… there’s Wodehouse on there and turns out Mary Roberts Reinhart didn’t just write spooky stuff… she’s got some hilarious romances too!  All for free instantly!  If only I were independently wealthy and didn’t have to work…

My mom got me exactly what I want:  stuff off my amazon wish list.  Mmmm books, dvds… happiness!

#2 got me more stuff on my amazon wishlist that says “highest” and “high” and a few things she thinks I need to read.  I went to try to buy her stuff, but all the stuff I want to get her is available now or soon in paperback but she’s got the hardback versions on her wishlist with a note saying “placeholder for paperback” … I’m trying to strongly hint to her to update that and um, she may be getting a package from me a bit later than usual.  I’m a putz.  Update:  Things were updated and sent!

DH got me an incredibly romantic sappy homemade object d’art that made me blush and get misty eyed.  DC did something similar with DH’s help.

DC made out like a bandit once again.  I cannot even enumerate the packages (s)he received from family.  (S)he’s currently with my sister setting up the Wii Fit attachment (to go with the Wii that came randomly this summer).  DH got a ton of stuff off his amazon wishlist (for some reason his family is happier to shop off his list than mine… maybe his is more interesting) and some t-shirts.

Did you get anything especially fun, interesting, or funny?

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14 Responses to “Loot”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    My 5 year old built me a robot out of copper fittings in the basement. I should do a whole post about it. That is by far the coolest gift I received.

    My husband stuffed socks in my stocking and was glad the pun was not lost on me.

  2. Meg Says:

    Oh, we got LOTS of stuff. Too much stuff! Apple corer/peeler, Keurig machine, Bamboo Salad bowl filled with recipe book (someone locally made,) several hot sauces, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, dressing maker, etc. It was a pretty cool gift. Then some nice, fuzzy jammies, fuzzy robe, quesadilly maker, candle, and some jewelry.

    Can you say spoiled rotten?
    Well, that’s me. I’m blessed. But the most fun I had was hanging out with all of the family. For us, that is 3 families because I come from a split family. So my mom and her husband and my niece (my brother is in Afghanistan right now,) my dad, his wife, my step-brother & sister, niece & nephew from that side of the family. And then my in-laws.

    It was a great year, but I’m taking today to recoop! :-)

  3. Everyday Tips Says:

    I bought an Ipad for my husband that I plan on using immensely.

    The kids gave me meaningful, wonderful presents. I got a nice collage picture frame. Oh, and an earring/necklace set.

    More than anything, it was a wonderful holiday. I need to rest now.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Pictures are awesome. My sister is hanging around today but my parents headed out this morning to beat some snow storms. Though right now my sister is at a local clinic getting checked out for pink-eye…

  4. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    I got a Le Creuset tagine!!!! I can’t wait to braise the motherf***e out of some shitte!!!!!


  5. Squirrelers Says:

    I actually didn’t get much at all for Christmas. Really :(

    But, I gave a bunch of gifts that were a hit – with kids and grownups. Toys and clothes, you guess who got what :) That was a good feeling. I got to spend time with people close to me, so it was really good from that standpoint as well.

  6. Lindy Mint Says:

    I think I’ll be creating an Amazon wish list for next year. My inlaws like to give real gifts (as opposed to money) and I have a tendency to be difficult to shop for. My kids made out like bandits too this year – getting sometime three gifts each from each relative. Madness, I tell you.

    As for me, well, I don’t want to tell too much, but I’ll tell you that I’m typing on it right now. Enjoy your Kindle!

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