How to reduce unwanted junk mail/calls

It’s been a while and the catalogues etc. have begun to build up again.  So here’s a reminder since I have to find out how to do it anyway of how to get off all those mailing lists.

credit card offers:

do not call list:

direct marketing: Though many websites warn that they’ll spam your email box instead so be careful what email address you give.

And of course you can individually call catalog companies.  Our previous residents must have really been into Victoria’s Secret.

Here’s a wikihow

Update: Debbie M in the comments suggests “Catalog Choice ( You enter information from your shipping label.”

18 Responses to “How to reduce unwanted junk mail/calls”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    One of my very first blog posts was about the war I declared against junk mail:

    Even if you do the above things, you still get a ton of stuff from “affiliates and 3rd parties” of people you are already doing business with. So you also have to call your current credit card company and current mortgage broker, and any kind of loyalty card you have (frequent flier cards, etc). Loopholes there are a plenty.

    It took me over a year of tracking this stuff before it went to virtually zero. Good luck!

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    I was going to deal with some of this stuff this week believe it or not, and you just made it a whole lot easier. Thank you!!!

  3. Debbie M Says:

    I’ve had really good luck canceling catalogs with Catalog Choice ( You enter information from your shipping label. You can always go back and un-cancel them if you change your mind.

    I’ve had a lot of fun hitting the unsubscribe link for a bunch of e-mail lists I was getting tired of, too.

    I’ve also just used your links to confirm that I’m on the do-not-call list (I am) and to opt out of credit card offers. I’d been reticent to opt out in the past, but now I feel that I’ll be able to learn about cool new credit cards from the personal finance blogs I read and I’ll be able to see how my credit is (you can tell by what kinds of offers you’re getting) by checking more directly via Credit Karma. Thanks!

  4. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    (1) I don’t ever answer my phone unless I recognize the caller’s number and want to talk to him or her.

    (2) If those f***en assholes want to keep paying the f***en post office to send me f***en catalogs, I’ll just keep throwing them in the trash without opening them. It’s not my f***en problem, and anyway, somebody’s gotta keep the post office in business.

  5. Molly On Money Says:

    This is a great list! I have an old email that I never use except when I company insists on an email.
    I’m in a quandary whether I want to get rid of our junk mail. We use it to make papercrete blocks which is the material we are using to rebuild our yurt. I know it’s a bit strange but if I had the ability to plop a photo in this comment I could show you how cool it is!

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