Happy New Year, Link Love, and a mortgage update

Happy New Year!!!

Ringing in the New Year with a mortgage update but no words of wisdom other than what other people have brought over the past week.

Though I have been enjoying writing 1/1/11 on checks.  Woo.  November 11th is going to be awesome.

We got the maximum benefit to our monthly paychecks with the new tax cuts. We totally are not the people who need that extra $80+. (For some reason it’s working out to $200/month extra but I think some of that is just changes in our predicted income for withholding purposes.)

Last Month (December):

Balance: $136,704.56
Years left: 12.5
P = 618.71, I = 595.80, Escrow = 591.95

This month (January):

Balance: $132,837.63
Years left: 12
P = 673.28, I =541.12, Escrow = 591.95
One month savings (difference between predicted interest for next month vs. actual interest): $12.64 (this is on top of the savings from last month, I’m just looking at the marginal change for this month’s extra payment)

Hey! We’ve paid off 50% of the original cost to our house! (Of course, we’ve paid a lot more than 50% of the value because of interest, but what can you do?)

Burnout is real, people. We desperately need this time off right now!  A poignant post by Clio Bluestocking Tales.

Late with Christmas presents?  Here’s a fantastic gift to give the person who has everything and doesn’t need anything else.  Even though it’s out of stock on Amazon, I think you can easily make one yourself with more environmentally friendly packaging.

Isn’t it great to be done with grading?  Here’s a compilation of email excuses.  Guess which ones are real and which are fake.  We must have the same students as Female Science Professor because I swear I’ve gotten a couple of those identical emails.

Get Rich Slowly with a well-researched piece on true differences between men and women and spending/personal finance. This makes up for that dreadful reader story a few weeks back that linked women and shopaholics without a scrap of evidence other than the author had a shopping problem.

We have a version of this post on Understanding Tax Brackets by moneycrush languishing in our someday maybe we’ll finish it posts pile.  In the mean time, enjoy Jackie’s explanation!  It is probably more helpful anyway.  It doesn’t help that TurboTax only gives average tax rates, not marginal when it would be nice if it gave both.

Oh man, First Gen American NAILS it with this great post on the whiners who let life happen to them instead of taking the reins themselves.  Ironically I got into an argument with someone on GRS about this exact same topic that day.  I told her to read FGA.

Everyday Tips with a very thoughtful post on 10 things she’s learned this past year.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

10 Responses to “Happy New Year, Link Love, and a mortgage update”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I distinctly remember reaching the 1/2 way point myself. I had that line in bold on my amortization spreadsheet. The other line I bolded was the point where I was paying more in principal vs interest on my loan.

    I’m glad you liked my happiness article. I had a specific whiny person in mind when I wrote it. She’s always complaining about her awful, unlucky, lonely life but she is doing nothing to actually change things.

  2. The Everyday Minimalist Says:

    Congrats on paying off 50% of the house’s original cost!

  3. Everyday Tips Says:

    Great job on the mortgage! One of my happy moments with our mortgage is when the amount paid down in principal was greater than the ridiculous amount in interest!

    Thanks for link ladies, and have a fantastic 2011.

  4. The Biz of Life Says:

    Congrats on knocking down that mortgage principal.

  5. Clio Bluestocking Says:

    Thank you for the linkluv! I’m actually feeling much better now that I don’t have 150 people pecking at my inbox and office door.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Ha! Funny how that works. I went into the department today and most of the professors are in with the doors open!

      I gotta say though, I went back to bed for an hour this morning when I hit my in-box first thing and it had lots of emails from people who wanted me to do things. Gah.

  6. Invest It Wisely Says:

    Congrats on hitting the halfway mark!

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