Do you use google docs?

With the new semester we’re totally working hard on working both hard and smart.  We’ve got tenure to aim for, after all.

Google has a lot of technologies to help keep us on track.  (Note:  we have zero affiliation with Google, we just like it a lot.  We WISH we were living in the SF bay area, but we kind of doubt this post is going to increase the odds of that.)

We use the Google Calendar to track our daily writing.  One of us aims for 30 min per day M-F, the other has 4 days per week and Sunday.

We use a Google site for accountability purposes– we give tips of the hats and wags of the fingers and boots to the behinds.  There’s also a section with check-lists that are quite helpful.

Finally we use Google Docs for longer to-do lists (#2 keeps hers up to date… #1 does better with paper even though the paper technology also has major problems).  These are really great because other people can go in and edit them, they’re incredibly portable– you just need internet access, and they’re much more difficult to lose than the standard back of a scratch paper list.  You can even use the strike-out function to cross things out on your list as you complete them.

Update:  Biz of Life recommends dropbox.

What technologies do you use to make your work/life easier?

17 Responses to “Do you use google docs?”

  1. First Gen Ameircan Says:

    We use google docs at work but only when we have to share info with a larger group. The other time I use it is when I want to post more than 4 pictures on a craigslist ad. I just ad a link to a google word doc filled with photos. It’s a clever invention for sure.

  2. The Biz of Life Says:

    I use google docs to store personal writings and info in the cloud so I don’t run the risk of losing it with a computer meltdown. I also do some collaboration with friends using google docs, but we don’t use it at work.

    Dropbox is another piece of software I love and use it to back up important files in the cloud, and synch documents between multiple computers.

  3. Everyday Tips Says:

    I think I am behind the times, because I don’t use anything for scheduling except pen and paper (except for work where I use Outlook), and I store all documents on my computer. I never even thought of using Google docs. Yikes, I am so archaic! I am going to have to go educate myself!

  4. Becky Says:

    I use Google docs all the time. We planned our entire wedding (with guest list spreadsheets and everything) on there. It was nice because then my parents and his parents could both view the list and add people if they needed to. I made my first Christmas card list (also stored on Google docs) based on our wedding guest list, which I probably would have lost to a computer update or trashed if it had been stored on my home computer. We also use it for Christmas/Birthday wishlists, and I use it to keep track of recipes (and share them with friends/family). Oh, and our budget spreadsheet is on there so that I can check it at work or at home without having to save it somewhere else.
    So yah….I love Google (I don’t work there either).

  5. Molly On Money Says:

    My husband showed my step-daughter how to use Google docs. Because she splits her time between two households homework reports were becoming problematic. She can now access her reports whichever house she’s at.

  6. Alexicographer Says:

    My work provides me with pretty good network drives that I can access from anywhere (pretty much), and I’m a laptop gal. So for my own stuff I don’t have a strong tendency to put it other places.

    For sharing I’ve used google docs a bit and I’ve just met dropbox. If I’m teaching something hands-on (in a computer sense) and want all the students to be able to download one or more files, I’ll typically stick stuff on google docs.

    I use google calendar, love it. Work demands Exchange, but I sync the two calendars so I only ever have to see or use google.

    For to-do lists I’m trying Remember the Milk (recommended at GRS) and mostly liking it. I’ve set up one tab that I’ve labeled “recurring” because there’s a bunch of stuff that I like to keep track of (“jog” “clean office”) and be able to check off but that either really are recurring or are stuff that I require myself to do only a little bit every day (“clean office” actually means, “Find at least one thing that shouldn’t be in your office or is out of place in the office and remove it or put it away” — life in a world of lowered expectations.). So when I do one, I just “postpone” it the number of days before I want to do it again.

  7. SS4BC Says:

    I use google docs and google calender. I have used DropBox in the past – but to be honest – I HATED it.

  8. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    My mission-critical technology gizmos are Google Calendar for scheduling, the Caelo NEO Pro Outlook front-end for e-mail organization, and my Blackberry. I hate using Google Docs–actually it’s something I hate completely about Google–because you can only be logged in to a single Google account across all the Google apps at one time. This suckes total asse for me, because I am always logged into Google with my PhysioProf identity and I sure as f***e can’t visit a Google doc someone in real life invites me to as PhysioProf, and so in order to do so, I have to log out of all my shit and log in with a real-life Google account and f***e thatte shitte.

  9. MoneyCone Says:

    Picasa is awesome if you’d like a back up of your photos but don’t wish to pay for it (Flickr).

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