• Kitties and chimneys don’t mix.  Luckily, Little Cat was better about getting a bath than Bad Kitty.

  • DC refuses to eat anything with MSG in it.  Good baby!  Boy I’m wishing I’d realized the bad lunch food I had had msg in it before eating what I did.  MSG headaches are no fun.  (#2 has never had one.)
  • Shoe update:  Went to the city to buy DH’s chair (he got a top of the line Aeron, after trying nearly every chair in the city and suburbs for comparison).  Called up or visited all the shoe shops that carry NAOT.  None of them had my size Rahina in stock (though they could all offer me the shoe that I already own!).  My regular store even said that they’d just put it on sale and completely sold out.  Dang nabbit.  I did try some of their other shoes and found the Trendy to fit, but the store only had it in kind of tasteless gleaming black.  Some of the other shoes I looked at in NAOT were too narrow so those were out.  So I dunno, I’ve taken this as a sign that I need to hit the outlet mall in a couple of weeks for some cheaper Bass loafers.  Too bad my current black shoes are Stonefly and have a weird water sole, otherwise I would be very tempted just to take them to a repair shop.  Why is this all so hard?
  • Shoe update #2:  Took the afternoon off and hit the outlet mall.  They had ZERO black loafers in my size in the entire mall.  Plenty of brown loafers in my size.  And plenty of wrong-size black loafers.  But nothing even *as* comfortable as my current several year old stoneflys which are not actually all that comfortable anymore.  I don’t know what to do next.  Maybe it’s time for Zappos.
  • I’ve noticed some of my male colleagues and coauthors keep trying to get me to do their work for them.  Good thing I’m lazy and good at standing firm and not volunteering.
  • Best thing about being a grownup:  The ability to go into a bakery and say, “I want one of each of these cookies.”
  • Worst thing about being a grownup:  The inability to eat all the cookies you just bought because it’s bad for your health.  Dang it.
  • Sometimes it takes an anonymous person on a forum to get a parent to listen to what the kid has been saying for years.  Yes, Vanguard funds are awesome.
  • DC LOVED hir observation day at kindergarten.  (S)He spent the car ride to the outlet mall trying to convince us to let hir start the next day instead of waiting to September.  On top of that, the teacher said there’s another little girl with a birthday the same month that they’re letting in early next year. She said they don’t usually do this (and this might be the first time they’ve had more than one kid advanced in the same year), but the little girl is in their preschool program and really needs to move on because she’s so advanced, just like our little one.
  • See that quote on the side by Arnold Lobel?  We’re currently in love with his Frog and Toad series.  We’ve got Frog and toad both on CD, read by Arnold Lobel, and in book form as a Christmas present from my mom.  DC begged to go to B&N to get the Frog and Toad book that didn’t come in hir box set but was on the audio.  So we did.  And picked up his Mouse Tales too.
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13 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Fresh Food really is the best. My kids love Babci’s homemade chicken soup with homemade noodles. One time the kids came over and she made them the lipton cup of soup from powder. They both refused to it it. My older one said “this smells yucky”, and my younger one just stuck one tongue on it and then refused any more.

    I really do think kids prefer fresh food vs the crappy processed stuff if given the choice. My kids still love mcdonalds like nothing else, but with home cooked meals, they prefer scratch cooking all the way.

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    OK, here is my confession – I had never heard of NAOT shoes until the past 2 weeks. I saw the pictures and all, but I still have not seen them in real life. I am now on a quest…

    You can’t eat all the cookies????

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      On the job market, we have a 3-4 day period when we are constantly on our feet running from hotel to hotel. My payless shoes had already shown themselves as uncomfortable, so I asked my advisor for advice on shoes. She said Stonefly or Mephisto. Totally fell in love with Stonefly. Mephisto shoes are comfy, but they’re also closer to $300 or $400 than to $100 or $200, and they tend to look poorly made (you’d think for $300 they could get rid of the glue lines, for example).

      Sadly Stonefly did a total restructuring and was out of commission for a while (and is still difficult to get in the US compared to before the restructuring). When I was trying to find another pair at the European shoe store in The City, the shoe guy recommended NAOT. They’re nice because their narrow widths are perfect for people with narrow feet and their regular widths are perfect for people with wide feet like me. So I have two pairs– a pair of sandals that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (and would wear all the time if it weren’t so cold) and a pair of brown shoes that aren’t really me, but my fashionable sister approved of them, so they must be ok.

      Nope, can’t eat all the cookies. :(

  3. Jacq Says:

    MSG is a major head rush for me.
    Also will need black loafers in spring. Fully appreciate having bigger feet = sales + selection. Yay.

  4. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    Aeron kickes motherf***en asse!

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Aw my son loved Frog and Toad too. Suddenly he’s into Percy Jackson. I have no idea what happened. We read Frog and Toad over summer. Percy Jackson in the winter. I’ve never heard of these miracle shoes either.

    Know why you can’t eat the cookies? Because you need milk. I can eat all the cookies. I can and I do and devil may care.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That is a good point about milk. We haven’t heard about Percy Jackson yet. Though we’re hitting the library this weekend to get the next two Merlin adventures in the magic treehouse series! DC is also really into The Wizard of Oz. They just made it to the emerald city.

  6. Rumpus Says:

    I don’t understand why it takes $600-$1000 to make a comfortable chair, but it’s probably the same reason it takes hundreds of dollars to make comfortable shoes…

    If only my office chair was an Aeron…how come I spend almost all day at my computer and yet the ergonomics aren’t any good? They’ll pay professors good money, but won’t buy a $1000 chair with a 12 year warranty? I guess I’m just supposed to bring in more money and outfit my office with it. NSF or NIH R01 proposal following 3 months of grantsmanship, all to get an Aeron chair at my office…priceless. Maybe that’s what my employer figures…if I have a crappy chair I’ll be motivated to bring in money.

  7. Donna Freedman Says:

    Frog and Toad…my old pals from going on 30 years ago. Yikes! How did so much time get by?
    While visiting niece and great-nephews I enjoyed the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, as well as his Pigeon books. (For the record: I really WANT to let the pigeon drive the bus. I’m just an instigator like that.)
    And every parent of a daughter should read “The Paper Bag Princess.”

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We LOVE Mo Willems here too. Just got the newest Knuffle Bunny…
      My favorite strong female heroine book (that should be read by boys and girls alike!) is The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes.

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