I’m so tired!

Conversations from the re-entry the other week:

#1:  Where did break GO?  All of a sudden it’s teaching and students and meetings job candidates and running running running and I didn’t get my R&R in before classes started or the grant proposal and I have yet another referee report due… And so much pressure to do so much stuff.

#2:  Dear semester, I hate you so much.  It is the second day of classes and already I have an icky virus.   Please go die.  Most sincerely, #2.

It seems to be some kind of mild flu, is my best guess.  I have a very slight fever, a very sore throat, misc achings, and general craptacular feeling. (N.B.: I even got a flu shot!  I blame my students.)

#1:  that sucks
also sounds like what everyone here had over break

#2:  well I hate it
especially since I have 2 classes tomorrow, one of which is long.  But it won’t kill them to get out super-early.
It hurts to talk and I might lose my voice.

#1:  my students got me off track so many times that we ended on time instead of early
they’re like, “Time for ‘off the record with Prof. #1‘”
all the wild students I had last semester are taking this section with all their wild friends
I’m guessing we will get through the material much faster in the other  section

#2:  just ONCE I would like to teach Class X when I am NOT deathly ill.  JUST ONCE!  Class X makes me sick, apparently.
JUST ONCE can I teach this ONE CLASS when I’m not sick.
I can manage to teach OTHER classes without getting sick… I think that’s one reason I’m disliking the course so much.  I’m always sick when trying to teach it.  Ugh ugh ugh.

#1: patpatpat
students are evil vectors
you’re in a germy Skinner box
press the Class X button and you get sick

That’s us.  How’s your early semester going?

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17 Responses to “I’m so tired!”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    This is the time of year we get our sales targets and rumors are that they will be huge. This always puts my stomach in knots and then I want to throw up. But I do get over it and hope for the best.

  2. Everyday Tips Says:

    We have four people on antibiotics here (including me) and I am ready to go running away from Michigan, screaming. Unfortunately, I can’t breathe well enough to run…

    My daughter was patient 0 in our house, and somehow my husband has stayed immune. It is wheezing (for us asthmatics), horrible, hacking dry cough and fever. Fun!

    Feel better, and get some rest this weekend.

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Also sick. I’ve been on and off with colds since like October. The four of us recycle germs and then they go to their Dad’s house for an extra shot of outsider germs. It just never ends.

    Hope #2 gets better soon.

  4. Perpetua Says:

    Also sick! Everyone in my family has been struck down with some evil virus.

    And I’m going for an interview (yikes) – hoping I will not puke on the hiring committee.

    Otherwise good. I’ve noticed that one class, which I normally love teaching and have not taught in a while, is flat. I can’t figure out why. The other is going well. Is it impossible to have two fantastic classes in a semester, or is it typical to have one go well and the other seem less so?

    Otherwise I’m happy to be back in the classroom, have reasonably interested committee work, and not getting anything of my own done.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’m not sure if it’s unusual to have two fantastic classes in one semester… but I have noticed that when I teach two sections of the same class, often the one that seems “flat” ends up with the higher grades, even if I get lower teaching evals. I haven’t figured out why that is except teaching evals are pretty worthless.

  5. darchole Says:

    Sick too. SO kindly gave it to me, and I’ve already passed it on to someone else in the lab. Opps. Hopefully it won’t snow here again soon. I’m in a region that gets lake effect snow on top of system snow, and the forecast for next week shows it snowing about every day. Joy. (Couple of weeks ago we ended up with about 2 feet of snow over 24 hours. That was lots of fun.)

  6. Donna Freedman Says:

    Universities are nothing but big ol’ cootie factories. I was lucky to get off as lightly as I did, coming down with one or two bugs per year for four years. :-(
    Demand that your families wait on you. (Stop laughing!)

  7. Spanish Prof Says:

    I feel fine (health-wise), my semester is rather dull (teaching wise), I think the reading I assigned for my upper level class for next week could have been done in one class and not two, so now I’m trying to think what else to say about it. And the muses are not coming, and my article that first started as a brilliant idea now looks disjointed. I’ve lost interest, but I’ve invested too much on it to let it die (see the post about the topic on my blog).

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