Links for the Last of January: And note to Dr. Crazy and Historiann

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(Thanks to Worst prof ever and CPP for fishing us out of theirs!)

Update:  Thanks Dr. Crazy!

And now for links.  It seems like this week had been much longer than a week!

Check out Lindy Mint’s new pantry door.

An old one, but new to us.  Just being caught in the work your passion thing can cause you to be less happy.   (Thanks to single mom rich mom and her comment on First Gen American)

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance at living richly on a budget.


First Gen American on what kind of posts to posts.  We at grumpy rumblings tend not to want to post on our specific subject areas because we feel like we should get paid to do that.  We totally post on things that we are not the proper authoratiee (misspelled intentionally– emphasis should be on last mis-pronounced syllable).

An interesting discussion from FSP on politically correct speech.  We are in favor.  And we BTP.

Funny stories on candidate dinners from Bardiac (check the comments!).  Also a great followup post by Historiann, who, incidentally, does not show our brilliant and witty comments on her site as they go directly (we assume) to her spam filter.  (She may be purposefully deleting them, but we’re assuming spam filter.)  If only there were some way to get her attention so we could rejoin the conversation…

We suspect that Dr. Crazy went on a date and that it went well.  We wanted to congratulate her, but could not.  Very sad.  Well, congrats here!

Everyday Tips on home renovation.

Squirrelers with a great post on opportunities for and cultural expectations of girls.

8 Responses to “Links for the Last of January: And note to Dr. Crazy and Historiann”

  1. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    RE: The toxic chemicals blogge poste

    I disagree 100% that bloggers have some sort of obligation to only write about things they are experts at. One of the great things about bloggeing compared to academic publishing is that no one can stop you from being totally full of shitte! I think people should blogge about anything that amuses them, and f***e anyone who is bothered by itte.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:


      Though I’m totally grateful for people choosing to not parrot radio show talking points, as that tends to raise my blood pressure and stuff. Plus when all the comments are like, Yeah! Rush is totally right! Governments are just like people… and if we feed kids our country is going to hell! I feel the need to push out some econ 101 or public finance, except those are entire semester-long classes and I’m not getting paid so it causes pain… either I address it badly or I let people further spread their ignorance. *sigh* Cannot save the world. Or correct everything on the internet that is wrong-headed. That way lies insanity and no sleep.

      There’s a reason I can only get my news from NPR and Comedy Central. They’re smart enough to realize that most issues aren’t just black and white.

      • First Gen American Says:

        Yes, I definitely think there is a difference between being opinionated via your blog about some random topic vs spreading and perpetuating myths, hoaxes and other wrong information. (Bathtub kidney anyone?)

        I’m sure if I ran around long enough telling people that owning cats causes mental illness (especially if you have about a dozen of them). I can say everyone I know who’s mentally ill currently have and/or grew up with cats and make a pretty darn convincing story about crazy cat ladies. That’s just not kosher.

  2. Money Reasons Says:

    I hate spam filters… :(

    Interesting, that your site doesn’t talk about the area that you have a mastery over. But then again, I really don’t blog about the area I’m strongest in either.

    Blogging is such a great hobby and an escape from all else :)

  3. Historiann Says:

    Sorry about that–I’ve just dumped a bunch of spam so some comments may be irretrievable, but I’ll try to whitelist you. If it keeps happening, just e-mail me on the address on my blog.

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