Our February Challenge Decisions and more

February is the best month for month-long Challenges.

We here at Grumpy Rumblings have decided upon two challenges: one for each of us.

#1 is going to do a boring challenge.  She will write for 30 min for work each and every day, including Saturdays.  There will be no failure.  No excuses.  (Barring things like hospitalization, of course.)  The hope is that after 28 odd days of that, going back to 5 days/week will seem easy.  Hope.

#2 will be doing the Steampunk Challenge.  My plan is to read 3 steampunk books during February (maybe ambitious?) and post brief reviews of each.

#2 is also considering doing different challenges each month.  These are instead of New Year’s Resolutions because I feel capable of keeping each one for a month, but not for a year.

Jan.:  Figure out list

Feb.:  Steampunk

March:  inbox zero at work

April:  Floss at least 4 times per week every week

May:  write every day for 30 min., without fail

June:  Eat less junk, more veggies (#1 suggests joining a CSA)

July: get-a-handle-on-my-money month

Aug.: TBA

Sept.:  Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night!

Oct.- Dec.:  TBA

Hm… #1 is intrigued by this idea, but is not sure that she has enough willpower.  Except for floss.  #1 is totally up on the flossing every night, but she does that already.  She’s awesome that way.  #1 is going to have to make a decision at some point about whether or not she’s going to go back on metformin this year and begin the long slow vomitty process of getting her body ready to reproduce, which would mesh with #2’s June goals since #1 has to eat like a perfect eating person in that situation.   More on that in an unfinished post that will probably appear sometime in March.

27 Responses to “Our February Challenge Decisions and more”

  1. eemusings Says:

    I did a few monthly challenges last year – they worked great!

  2. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    The Inbox Zero concept is a very good one. It is really just a special case of the urgent/important matrix. And e-mail always seems urgent, the way that new ones BOING! pop suddenly and excitingly into your inbox. So, yeah, the key is to very rapidly determine which e-mails are *important*–based on sender, subject, and, if necessary, scan of the contents–and then to employ a system that ensures these important e-mails get dealt with appropriately. E-mails that are unimportant–even if they are urgent–must be ignored with extreme prejudice.

  3. brokeprofessionals Says:

    Good luck on your challenges…….I feel that they are a good way to try new things. Plus, sometimes they stick. And it is always better if you have a partner, like you guys have going for you (even though you are at opposite ends of the world). Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress in the months ahead.

  4. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Yay for inbox zero! I’ve been at that happy state for a few years now, can’t imagine how some people let all that stuff pile up. Drives me crazy to look at some people’s inboxes.

    What I did to start off was to create a folder called “archive” and just moved everything in there and started over from scratch.

    Now I have a folders set up as follows at work (in accounting speak):
    01 – Jan 2010 month-end
    01 – Jan 2010 misc
    etc. etc.
    And specific projects of course.

    I know you don’t read Ramit Sethi’s blog, but he had an interview with BJ Fogg and the productivity p0rn to come out of that was to floss at least one tooth daily – and call it success even if it was only one. I think that’s maybe a better way than your 4 x / week deal.

  5. Molly On Money Says:

    As a procrastination tool I keep my inbox at zero. I’m actually trying to break myself of my obsession to get everyone of my emails into a folder!

  6. retirebyforty Says:

    You really should floss every night. ;)

  7. Everyday Tips Says:

    I love flossing, I feel awful if I miss a night.

    My goal for right now is to stay awake until bedtime. That is all I can muster for now..

    Looking forward to hearing about your progress and decisions!

  8. First Gen American Says:

    I have hopelessless and completely given up on having an empty inbox. Rumors have it that we are migrating back to Outlook for gmail, so I’m hoping to just leave my gmail inbox behind me like it never existed. I wish I was better at keeping my contacts in my contacts/address book instead of having to fish through emails, business cards and 25 other places for people’s phone numbers.

    I’m not a very organized salesperson.

  9. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Oooh inbox zero. What is that? I should totally do a floss challenge. I hate floss. HATE it. In that same department, I also hate Listerine.
    I’m doing a Spending Diet this month. *sigh* Not excited at all but it’s sort of mandated by the gods. I’ve also made this the month I tackle the insane closet in my hallway as well as get myself a home office that works.
    I like the monthly challenge thingy. Nice idea.

  10. Jan Wencel Says:

    I really like the monthly theme idea.

    This free webinar recording has several ideas that might help with the inbox zero pursuit: http://www.lifecontained.com/email-exhale-webinar/september-10-recording/.

    As for floss, I agree with the glide comment. It makes all the difference.

    Best wishes on the challenges!

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    […] and Maggie of Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured: These two set a single challenge each month.  While I can totally appreciate #1′s writing […]

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    […] Another hmmm, it seems I’m setting myself up for Monthly Challenges like one half of Grumpy Rumblings. […]

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