Links!!!! And challenge update

OMG omg omg SO FUNNY!!!  From get off this wheel.  Especially that last line!  Cracking up!

I will try to suck less.

If I ever end up in Tokyo, I would go to one of these.

I agree with annieem— I make money so I can pay people to do things for me.  I was also reminded of a psychology experiment I was a part of ($10/vial of spit) in which one of the tasks was to stick your hand into beyond freezing water for as long as possible.  I didn’t last very long.  After I was done, I found out from the researcher that gentlemen tended to kill themselves, straining every muscle of their bodies to keep their hands in and the researcher actually had to cut them off.  But there was no benefit to them in doing so except proving their manliness to the grad student running the experiment.

In a search for amusement after a grumpy day, I came across Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity.  It’s funny because it’s true!  And the blog has a great name and theme.

SS4BC shares this interesting discussion she had with her teenage sister.  Kudos!

Squirrelers with a post that illustrates to you, the reader, why I have been doing most of my IRA investing in late Sept, early Oct.  :)

Oh, and how could I forget Donna Freedman and a discussion of what goes through our minds when folks with  money problems use us as their emergency fund.  No matter what you do, there’s always some guilt about whether it’s the right thing.

Other folks are doing February challenges:

Broke Professionals is not going to the grocery store (or eating out, presumably) for a month.  We’ve done that by necessity before…  The way our freezer and pantry are stocked, we could probably do it again, but I bet there would be rebellion.

Sharon is doing a no spend month… or rather, spend no more than $750 not including fixed expenses.

Mutant Supermom is joining her with $670 plus fixed expenses.

Check out the “Three Things” sidebar on Notorious PhD.

Who are we missing?  Let us know in the comments!

Challenge update!

#1 wrote between 30 min and 2 hours every day this week so far.  Let’s see if she can go strong the entire weekend!

#2 is about halfway through the first Steampunk novel of the month.  Woo!

13 Responses to “Links!!!! And challenge update”

  1. Molly On Money Says:

    One of my friends who lives in Japan just sent me this link on the use of robots as caregivers:

    I thought it was a good companion piece to the Japanese cat cafe’s!

  2. brokeprofessionals Says:

    Thank you for including our site in your Links!!!! Glad to hear you are having success with both of your challenges thus far!

  3. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thank you for the loan link.
    Robots as caregivers: Read “The Electric Grandmother,” by Ray Bradbury. And for those who think that the holodeck is a good idea, read Bradbury’s short story, “The Veldt.”

  4. First Gen American Says:

    HA!! That minimalist cartoon is hilarious and you’re right, the last line is the best.

  5. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    #1 wrote between 30 min and 2 hours every day this week so far.

    Do you count bloggeing in that?

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    I absolutely love the Cat Cafe. That is brilliant. I’d also seen the Minimalist cartoon and cracked up.

  7. bernie Says:

    Thanks for listing our link!


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