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We here at Grumpy Rumblings hereby pledge that we will NOT talk about the weather this week.  Whew.

This post has replaced the Food for Other Folks post you may have been expecting to give you some breaking news and to ask an important question.

Random bullet of timely news:

Dr. Daryl Bem, about whom I have posted before, attempts to explain his concept of time-traveling pr0n by invoking quantum physics:
Time-Traveling Porn – Daryl Bem

In related news, we have a burning question for the blogosphere.  Please tell us: WHY do cats always hack up on the carpet?  My house is less than half-carpeted and yet, without fail, the cat picks the carpeted (hard-to-clean) areas to make his hairballs in.  This is true even in houses with far less carpet.  Everyone else with cats reports the same thing.  Is there some physiological reason?  Do they like to be comfy when yarfing?  I believe it is sheer cussedness, myself.  Someone please enlighten us!


We now return you to your regular posting.  Food for other folks will now be appearing Feb 23rd.  Look forward to it.

28 Responses to “Ask the Blogosphere”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Carpet feels more like grass, so it reminds them of the outdoors? That’s all I’ve got for a theory.

  2. MutantSupermodel Says:

    They want to ingrain their smell as much as possible. They know you can just wipe it off the floor, but the carpet? MWAHAHAHA!

  3. Katy Says:

    I vote for the comfort. I think it’s more like fur, and nice under their little paws in a time of unpleasantness.

  4. Jacq Says:

    Cat physiology – they need the carpet to provide something to grip onto with their claws. Sort of like a drunk teenager clinging onto a toilet bowl.
    I have a long haired cat and he does about two a year now. Try pumpkin, butter and / or psyllium husk powder.

  5. DoobyDoh Says:

    Dogs do the same thing. We have all hard floors with area rugs in areas where furniture s grouped. Every time the dog gets sick, he heads STRAIGHT for a rug. Never fails.

    I think it feels like grass under their feet. Maybe there’s some survival reason for barfing on grass instead of hard stuff. Maybe it seems like it’s “outside” then den???

  6. retirebyforty Says:

    Our cats hack up all over the house – carpet, hard wood, cutting board, table top, blanket, piano bench. They are not picky.

  7. darchole Says:

    Mine manages to hit the food bowl and water fountain too (I have one of those fountains for pets). It’s especially nasty in the water fountain – you have to take everything apart to clean it and you have to do it now or it will clog the pump.

  8. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    Cats in the outdoors bury their puke to hide it. I suspect that they perceive carpet as a surface they can more readily dig into to bury.

  9. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    I have one cat who always goes under the couch to puke. (No carpet, no rug.) We deeply appreciate his consideration, because the hairball is out of the way and will not get stepped on by a sleepy or distracted person.

    The others . . . oh, let’s not talk about them. But the Grammarian is a true gentleman.

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    […] 24.  Ask your readers for an answer to a question.  (in this case not a particularly important question j/k).  Nicole and Maggie: Ask the Blogosphere […]

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