The John Cleese post

We love us some John Cleese.  One of us has even seen him give talks in person. On religion. And his cat.

Most of us know John Cleese from his Monty Python days, and he’s got some great movies even without the rest of that cast.  But he’s also got a lot of great non-fiction stuff.  He’s a thinker.

the ministry of silly walks:

Pining for the fjords:

romans go home:

Here’s Cleese on creativity:

Fierce Creatures is a hilarious and touchingly sweet film.  Weird and funny.

What’s your favorite John Cleese thing?

12 Responses to “The John Cleese post”

  1. 101 Centavos Says:

    Favorite John Cleese things? The list would be too long. But let’s add Basil Fawlty to the mix anyway (“Don’t mention the war!”)

  2. First Gen American Says:

    British humor takes some getting used to but after a year of living there, I’ve grown to really like it.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I still don’t quite get what’s so hilarious about cross-dressing. I mean, it’s mildly amusing in many cases, but with the Brits I’ve known you just put a man in a dress and they fall over laughing uncontrollably.

  3. brokeprofessionals Says:

    I like that his twitter profile claims “yes I am still alive.”

  4. The Biz of Life Says:

    Cleese has gotten less funny as he’s aged, so I’d have to go with his work on Monty Python and Fawlty Towers

  5. WorstProfEver Says:

    I agree he’s gotten less funny, or at least funny in a different way, but he’s said that’s because he’s worked out his issues. He is a thinker, and that’s why I’ve always loved him whether it be just ’cause he’s funny or because he has some really interesting things to say about how funny works!

  6. Donna Freedman Says:

    Dancing around naked (except for the underpants on his head) chanting in Russian in “A Fish Called Wanda.”
    In the same movie, two incredibly poignant scenes:
    When he tells Wanda (the woman, not the fish) how beautiful she is, how alive she makes him feel after years of slowly dying inside and how much he wants to make love to her — not knowing that she is using him to get information.
    Later, when he sits in a car at night outside Wanda’s apartment, looking as sad as a person can look, and realizing that he will have to go back to his old (stultifying, dead) life. He played both scenes quite wonderfully. I believe he was speaking for a lot of people (male and female) about feeling so lonely and desperate for a bit of kindness and love. Just very effective.
    Oh, and the scene in which he’s dangled upside down from the window until he apologizes is funny, too.

  7. Money Reasons Says:

    I liked monty python and the black knight, although not Gleese, still very funny (but bloody…)

    I also liked the Killer Rabbit scene. “Run away run away”… lol

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