Steampunk Book Review #3: El Fin

This was the bestest book evahs.

Do you really think so, #2?

Well, not as good as Frederica, which is soothing my overworn soul.  This book is about a red bird that looks like a dragon and eats daggers.  Just kidding.  Set during The Three Musketeers… it looks to me like this book is trying to do for the swashbuckling literature what His Majesty’s Dragon did for the high seas and Napoleon literature.  The difference, of course, being, that books about swashbuckling are inherently interesting, whereas the books about Napoleonic times and ships need dragons to perk them up.

A slightly longer report from #1:

For once, #2’s report is pretty close to reality — not hard with the cover and the title.  Pretty, isn’t it?  This book is sort of like The Three Musketeers plus dragons, except that it’s really more like The Ten or So Musketeers and Oh Yeah One’s an Awesome Chick and One’s a Dragon but You Know How Richelieu Is, and Also Things are Very French.  I read the best books.  There is a little clunky info-dumping, but only a little.

Ok, so I cheated; this isn’t steampunk at all.  I’m sorry.  I felt contrary.  I have like 5 excellent steampunk books sitting around waiting to be read, but I just got all contrary.   Mea culpa.  I decided that you, the readers, would have to either take a review of this book or else wait potentially forever for me to review another steampunk book.

This book is high fantasy, swords-and-sorcery.  It’s swashbuckling, full of action and intrigue and adventure and double-crosses and international conspiracy, oh my.  Here’s a brief (non-spoilery) flavor of what it’s like:

Agnes took stock of the situation. […] The ground was fifty metres below.  They did not have time to force the hatch.
They were trapped.
Agnes and Laincourt placed themselves en garde, back to back… and waited.
A circle of blades closed in on the fugitives, who were resolved to die rather than allow themselves to be captured.
“Usually,” Agnes muttered to herself, “they show up about now…”
Laincourt heard her.
“What did you say?” he asked over his wounded shoulder.
“Nothing.  Delighted to have met you.”
“Same here.”
And then rescue came from the sky.

Isn’t that fun?  My advice: don’t even try to keep track of who’s scheming what with whom.  Just read it and enjoy the time.  And there is a big!  twist!  right!  at!  the!  END!  So, ya know: ooooooh.\

#2 adds it to her Amazon wish list

3 Responses to “Steampunk Book Review #3: El Fin”

  1. MutantSupermodel Says:

    They don’t speak with accents do they? Because I love some silliness and dragons and swashbuckling and stuff but apparently if I’m reading an accent a few days, my inner brain starts TALKING with an ACCENT and it’s annoying. Right now, my inner voice is horribly imitating the Scots. I can’t imagine what it’d do with the French. Oh wait, there it goes. Yeah, that’s scary.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    no, it’s not written in accent, don’t worry. Not to mess up your brain.

  3. Everyday Tips Says:

    I am glad you find time to read, what a wonderful hobby!! I started a new book last night, and it was so relaxing.

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